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To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Amway Hong Kong has launched the “GENerate by Amway” social media creation contest.
“GENerate by Amway” is a large-scale social media campaign spanning four seasons (from September 2022 to August 2024, with each season lasting for about three months). The theme of the event is “communication between two generations”. Each season will see activities with specific themes and different formats with great prizes on offer, allowing participants to use their mobile phones or digital cameras to capture joyful and unforgettable moments from two generations.
“Saying ‘I love you’ is not unique to Chinese culture. Through the ‘GENerate by Amway’ campaign, we want to encourage parents and children to build a communication bridge between them. The younger generation can take the initiative to share their love and care for their parents or grandparents through a simple act,” said Mrs. Angela Keung, Vice President of Amway Hong Kong.

First Season Contest –

“A Heartwarming Family”

The magic of sitting around the family table, or enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery outdoors, comes from the conversations and connections made between parents and children. Different generations share this precious time together and provide lasting memories for everyone – surely the most precious gift of all for parents and grandparents.
The first season contest in “GENerate by Amway” is “A Heartwarming Family” – a photography contest that invites you to capture heartwarming moments with your parents or grandparents and then upload the images on Instagram/Facebook.
Create magical memories with your loved ones and inspire your friends to join the contest and stand the chance of winning fabulous prizes!

How to join

Contest Period: September 9 to December 31, 2022
Result Announcement & Prize Presentation: March 2023

Participants should upload 4-10 photos/images on social platforms (Instagram/Facebook) that capture heartwarming moments with their parents or grandparents in the form of a comic strip, with text attached to describe the beginning and end of the moment and your feelings at the time. The content must be coherent and tell a story. Three designated hashtags must be added: #一家蜜蜜影, #Amway動敢一家親 and #HKA50GENerate. After posting their feed, participants are required to complete a simple registration process on the event’s official website:
The judging criteria include infectivity (40%), warmth (40%) and the quarterly storytelling criteria (20%). The feeds will be judged by representatives of Amway Hong Kong, St. James’ Settlement, the Hong Kong Youth Association and a popular KOL. Ten winners will be selected in total and awarded with fabulous prizes. For Silver Producer and above Amway Distributors, the 10 feeds with the most likes* will be awarded with “The Most Popular Award” and prizes.

* The number of likes must exceed 100 and the link provided to the feed shall prevail.

Visit the official website to view the full event and entry details!

Members of the public should go to the official website to register for the contest

Silver Producer and above Distributors should log in to

 AmShop > Business Center to register for the contest