Thai Fish Cake


Minced dace fish0.5kg
Green beans2pcs
Egg yolk1pc
Fish sauce1tbsp
Kaffir lime leaf1pc
Chili powderto taste



Chop the green beans into small pieces. Finely chop the kaffir lime leaf.


Place the minced fish in a big bowl. Add in the green beans, egg yolk, fish sauce, kaffir lime leaf, chili powder and stir thoroughly. Whizz until the fish looks like a paste. Form the fish mixture into patties.


Preheat the Non-Stick Fry Pan on a medium flame. Add enough oil to the pan, then fry the fishcakes on one side until they turn golden brown. Flip the fishcakes.


Continue frying until both sides are golden brown. Serve.

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Fishcakes are a classic Thai street food and a popular starter at restaurants, and are also a key dish in traditional Thai cuisine. The addition of kaffir lime leaf enhances the aroma while the green beans add a chewy texture. The fishcakes are a good choice to serve with rice and wine.

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