Stay Healthy, Stay Happy this Chinese New Year

It’s time to enjoy Chinese New Year celebrations 

at home with your family and friends. 

To create a safe and carefree environment 

for your loved ones, it is important to pay extra attention

 to hygiene and create a clean and 

comfortable atmosphere in your home. 

A Clean and Sparkling Home

Some people find that freshening up the home as Lunar New Year approaches presents a problem. The full range of Amway Home™ cleaning products can give you a valuable helping hand this year, providing a powerful cleaning performance in your living room, kitchen and bathroom, and enabling you to enjoy a dust-free and sparkling fresh home as you welcome in the Year of the Ox. 

Add More Protection for Your Health

Your home may get crowded during Chinese New Year as family and friends arrive to join the celebrations. Bacteria and viruses are easily spread in crowded environments, especially if the windows in your home are closed to keep out the cold weather. That makes it all more important to maintain a fresh environment through good-quality air and proper ventilation. 

The Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System is 99.99% effective in removing more than 340 airborne contaminants and removing particles down to sizes as small as 0.0024 microns. It has received four authoritative certifications, including the Allergy UK Seal of Approval that recognizes the system’s high efficacy.

A Mouthwatering Reunion Dinner

The reunion dinner is perhaps the most important aspect of Chinese New Year celebrations, but the mouthwatering dishes usually involve many ingredients and complicated cooking processes. If you’d like to take some of the pain out of cooking and get more time to spend with your family and friends, Amway Queen™ Cookware is the answer!

Made from the finest 18:8 stainless steel to promote fast heat distribution, the stack-cooking feature enables you to cook several dishes on one burner at the same time. Moreover, the Vitalok™ feature prevents moisture from seeping out, locking in the food’s flavors and colors so you can enjoy an array of tasty, healthy dishes with your loved ones.

Clean, Safe Water in the Home

Your body loses more moisture in cold weather which makes it necessary to drink more water to replenish fluids. You can enjoy clean, fresh and safe water at home with the eSpring™ Water Purifier. Using a powerful combination of a carbon filter and UV light technology, the eSpring™ is effective in removing more than 160 contaminants and killing 99.99% of waterborne viruses and bacteria. Whether it is used for boiling soup, making tea or brewing coffee, eSpring™ gives you the best-quality water in an instant.

The BathSpring™ Bathroom Water Treatment System is your best bathing partner, it is effective in removing free residual chlorine and fine particles, providing you with a peace of mind when you shower or bathe and pampering your body and hair at the same time.

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