Glutinous rice flour125g
Icing sugar50g
Wheat starch25g
Vegetable oil30g
Red bean paste200g
Mocha powder 20g
Cooked glutinous rice flour 30g

Amway Queen™ 6L Dutch Oven, Casserole and Rack


1 Mix together the glutinous rice flour and icing sugar and set aside. Put the water and vegetable oil in a pan; stir well together then bring it to a boil. Add in the flour mixture and stir quickly while the liquid is still hot. Put the dough mixture onto the Casserole.
2 Add water to the 6L Dutch Oven and bring to a boil. Steam the dough mixture on the rack for 15 minutes. Let the dough mixture cool for a while then divide into two parts. Add 1g of mocha powder to one half of the dough and mix well. Put the dough mixture into a food bag then place in the freezer for 30 minutes.
3 Cut the cold dough mixture into strips and divide each strip into six pieces (around 30g each). Divide the red bean paste into 12 portions of around 18g each.
4 Shape a piece of dough into a flat circle. Place the red bean paste onto the centre and gather the mochi toward the top. Tightly close the edges of the mochi. Sprinkle mocha powder on the white mochi and cooked glutinous rice flour on the green mochi. Serve.

How to prepare cooked glutinous rice flour?

Lightly fry the glutinous rice flour until it gives off a mild aroma. You can sprinkle cooked glutinous rice flour on your hands to keep the dough from sticking during rolling.