Amway’s Gourmet Treat
for Chinese New Year

Amway’s Gourmet Treat
for Chinese New Year

Take a warm and friendly approach this coming Chinese New Year and enjoy a tasty noodle and coffee treat with your loved ones to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Rat.

Korean Five-Color Suyeon Noodle

Box of 36 Bundles



Korean Five-Color Suyeon Noodle

  • Meticulously handmade from a 20-step traditional recipe which includes an eight-step fermentation process
  • Chewy and delicious
  • Strictly selected natural ingredients to make five-color noodles

Blue (Mate-tea) – Rich in vitamins and minerals

Red (Red plum) – Prevents urethritis

White (Whole wheat) – Rich in dietary fiber

Black (Black rice) – Rich in anthocyanin yet low in carbohydrates

Yellow (Sweet pumpkin) –
A very good source of vitamin A and C

R&J Mandheling Excellence Coffee (Value Pack)

Formulated with the perfect combination of coffee and milk, this cold and dry coffee is brewed from deep-roasted Arabica coffee beans and is characterized by a rich and rewarding taste, enabling you to enjoy three different flavours with every sip of coffee.

R&J Mandheling Excellence Coffee(Value Pack) (35 packs)


BV=1/2 DP

Price in MOP equals HK$1 x 1.032.

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