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"You don’t need your wallet when going out now, just your smartphone"

Many people certainly can’t exist without their mobile phone – but do you feel the same? Smart living helps to enhance our quality of life in many respects, bringing extra convenience for working, enjoying entertainment and making speedy social contact with others. Smartphones definitely make communication easier, though the downside is the number of “phubbers” – those who ignore everyone around them as they focus all their attention on their mobile device.

How Blue Light Can Affect Eye Health

Blue light produces high amounts of energy and will pass straight through the eyes to the back of your retina and macula, causing the production of free radicals and prematurely age the eyes.

Blue light affects eye health, passing straight through to macula

Technology is Changing Our Lives

In the past

Read a newspaper

Talk on the phone

Watch shows in real time on TV

Go out shopping


Get news via apps or social platforms

Send chat messages or make a video call

Watch shows online at any time through different devices

Online shopping and delivery

People of All Ages Need to Protect Eye Health

Age Distribution of Usage of the Internet by Hong Kong People1

“Eye health” is not an issue exclusive to the 50+ generation. Constant use of electronic devices will increase the chance of eyes being exposed to harmful blue light and a greater chance that your eye health may be affected. According to figures provided by the Hong Kong Government1, there is a wide range of age groups among local people using the internet. That means it is important to take good care of your eyes whatever your age.



Census and Statistics Department: Thematic Household Survey Report No.73 – Information technology usage and penetration.

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