Your Most Powerful Health Defender

Nutrilite™ searches around the world for concentrated nutritional extracts, taken direct from nature, to help you fight against free radicals and ensure optimal health. Steve Missler, Principal Research Scientist (Analytical Sciences) of Amway Corporation, will share with you the inspiration behind the upgraded Double X and its unique formulation.

What is the inspiration behind the new Double X?

The inspiration came from our Amway Distributors, who encouraged us to make several improvements. Their suggestions included improving the antioxidant function, reducing the tablet size for a better user experience, All of these have been accomplished so I like to say the new Double X is a joint effort between Amway Distributors and Nutrilite™ scientists.

Is there anything that’s new and special about
upgraded Double X?

Double X is powered by Refractive Window Drying (RWD) technology that extracts
and locks in a high concentration of nutrients for more powerful. Nutrilite™ scientists improved the formula to better meet the needs of human body.

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