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The Most Powerful Muscle-Building &

Body-Shaping* Formulated Jelly

XS Muscle Multiplier Jelly – Pineapple Flavor

• Patented formula

• Strictly selected 10 amino acids that help strengthen muscle

• Sugar-free – just 20 calories

Pineapple Flavor 120g/pack

*Needs to be combined with regular weight / resistance training plus a healthy diet


amino acids + conditionally essential amino acid =
patented amino acid combination

Handy and Convenient; Enjoy Anytime, Anywhere

Same amino acids formulated in XS Muscle Multiplier

  • Portable size, easy to carry
  • Quickly replenish energy during or after light exercise such as walking, jogging or hiking, helping to build muscle at the same time
  • Helps to replenish energy while you’re at work
  • A fresh pineapple taste

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