More than 10 months since the outbreak was first detected, “COVID fatigue” is hitting hard – and fighting the impact of the pandemic is getting harder. Maintaining both good physical health and mental health is vital as stress will weaken your immunity system and stimulate the production of free radicals, resulting in a poor skin condition and more noticeable aging. Take a look at the following three tips that can help you look good and feel good during this unsettling time.


Dresses with Confidence

Having strong self-confidence can help your natural charisma shine – and improving your look can be a key factor in helping to make you feel more confident. Women will sometimes dress to please or impress others, but it is more important to have the courage to express yourself and think about your own happiness. In the era of face masks, you are encouraged to make an impression by the way you dress as well as focusing on hair styling and eye makeup, demonstrating your most beautiful and confident image to others.


Enjoys Regular Exercise

Exercise is the perfect way to help improve your overall health. It also helps to boost your immunity and stimulate the production of endorphins – also known as the “happy hormone” – which can help to reduce stress. During the pandemic, doing stretching exercises or practicing yoga at home has become more popular. Practicing yoga in the correct way not only tone your body, but also help to relax your mind, improve concentration and make you more patient.


Nutrition Supplementation for Women

People’s nutritional needs differ according to a variety of factors. In addition to supplementing balanced nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, women are also advised to supplement antioxidant nutrients. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to terminate reactions in chain oxidation, resulting in a double antioxidizing effect.

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Under the new regime, maintaining a healthy body is not just a personal concern. Let’s work hard together in the fight for a healthier future!

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