There was a fabulous response to this year’s Nutrilite Weight Management Competition, with some 3,200 people taking part. This was the 10th time the competition had been held since it was first staged in 2012. Thanks go to everyone for your tremendous support and active participation over the past decade. Nutrilite is delighted to be able to help more people lose weight in a more nutritious and healthier way.

Over the past 10 years, the total number of participants exceeded 19,000 and an incredible 64 tonnes of body weight was lost, with an average weight loss of 3.4kg per person. The volume of weight lost could fill up more than three containers and is equivalent to 250,000 cans of XS energy drink!

We look forward to enjoying a healthy lifestyle with you.

Working together to solve problems

I feel very happy to have won the championship! And I feel good that my weight didn’t rebound after losing 22kg of fat. Although there were obstacles during the weight-loss process, I was thankful that my teammates were there to help me solve any problems together. When I saw others enjoying mouth-watering spicy hotpot, it was hard to stop thinking about it. Thankfully, I received encouragement from my teammates, who also abstained from having the hotpot!
Along with my teammates, I would also like to thank my nutritionist and the team who shared healthy information and gave technical support. They replied to my text messages immediately, even if it was after midnight! It was memorable to experience this journey and tackle difficulties together and it was such a big difference to my previous six-year slimming experience, where my weight always rebounded in a month.
It feels great to have lost weight successfully and to have gained such good friendships with my teammates and the team!

Weight fell 0 %

Tse Kwan Teng

Champion – Individual Slimming Award in Male Category

Weight fell 0 %

Law Pui Ga

Outstanding Performance in the Weight Management Competition

Strong nutritional support and building a good image

I joined the Weight Management Competition because my friend also joined. I believed that it would help my Amway business if I lost weight successfully through the competition. I knew from day one that a healthy diet plays an important role in losing weight, but I didn’t know how to get started and stay motivated. It’s great to have acquired so much practical knowledge after joining the competition, and I now try to eat less refined starch as well as less white rice, white flour and white sugar.
I also got to understand the importance of a nutritious breakfast and have developed a good habit of eating a healthy breakfast followed by smaller and more frequent meals – and also to drink plenty of water.
Thanks go to Nutrilite for providing me with nutritional support along the way! I feel happier now and more positive about my personal image. It’s been great to receive compliments from friends. The competition has also helped me to develop healthy eating habits and gain a deeper understanding of food nutrition.

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