Weight Management
Competition 2019

There was an overwhelming response to this year’s Nutrilite™ Weight Management Competition,
with a total of around 2,200 people taking part. The great news is that more than 70% of the participants managed to achieve their target in 2019. In the Group Slimming Award,
294 teams won the 3kg Award while124teams captured the 6kg award. 

In this issue of Amagram, two winners from the contest share their tips on how to achieve a better-looking and healthier body through slimming. Dare to be yourself – and be a better you!

The Best Way to Reduce Belly Fat

Lau Tung King

I need to wear a buttoned shirt at work, but my belly fat and the gaps between the shirt buttons often embarrassed me in front of people. I also felt dizzy when I bent down to handle paperwork. This made me realize that I could no longer ignore my health condition and that I had to manage both my weight and diet. The first 10 days of taking part in the Nutrilite™ Weight Management Competition were tough. I used to eat a lot, but suddenly I couldn’t because I had to adopt new and healthier eating habits. I felt much better after the first 10 days; I adapted well to the new diet plan and felt more energized after taking an appropriate amount of exercise.

I will keep following my weight management plan even though the competition is over. I feel very happy to have lost 15kg during my slimming journey. I feel much better now – and much more confident about wearing my shirt!





Key to Weight Loss – Deal with Food Temptation

Mak Ka Ki

I joined Nutrilite™ Weight Management Competition as I want to look more beautiful and attractive, and am able to wear different types of clothing. I feel comfortable when I am wearing skirt now.

My friends and classmates are all “devils”, and I need to resist when they tempt me to eat unhealthy food. However, I’ve been able to stand firm and keep them at bay! The happiest thing for me was when one of my friends joined the competition after seeing the positive changes in my own body weight and body shape. We have been able to supervise and give advice to each other, experiencing the slimming journey together. I feel very happy to have achieved such a good result.

I suffered from hand, foot and mouth disease two weeks before the date of the competition result measurement. I lost my appetite, felt depressed and lost my motivation; I could not do any exercise either. I felt worried about my slimming result but, luckily, I recovered enough to join the result measurement session – and was very happy with what I’d achieved.

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