Nutrilite™ – Go Behind the Label

Follow our practical and insightful 9-step traceability process to discover the purest, 
safest and most effective Nutrilite™ supplements.

Choose the Botanical
We have 1,300 phyton-utrient fingerprinted botan-icals in our functional target library that guides us to the best ingredients and ingredient combinations.

Seed selection
Millions of seeds are planted each year, and not just any will do! We test our seeds for things such as their organic nature, purity and germination rate.

Choose the farm
Over 6,000 acres of new organic farmland is just the beginning. If we can’t grow it ourselves, we find the best partner farms.

Every botanical has a birth certificate – and each is grown 99% weed free, without the use of chemical pesticides.

The time it takes to move plants from the fields to on-site dryers is as little as 20 minutes, helping to ensure the highest nutrient levels.

Skin, seeds, roots, leaves… We concentrate or dry the parts of the plant that give us the highest level of nutrients.

We conduct 500,000 quality checks on our ingredients each year.

Shake, squeeze, twist, X-ray … We test our packages more than 30,000 times each year.

Our traceability process begins and ends with you.

Nutrilite™ 9-step traceability process

* Information above is reflective of Nutrilite™ owned farms.