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IT Geek with a Passion for Satay Beef Noodles

I am an IT geek who likes to have satay beef noodles for breakfast every day. When I was writing code in the office one day, I noticed that the distance between my hands and the working table was getting bigger. I looked down and was amazed by the huge belly that was filling the gap between me and the table. I had to admit myself that I’d got a big belly because I’d been eating satay beef noodles too often. My reaction was to stop eating the noodles because I wanted a smaller belly!

When my friends suggested I take part in the Nutrilite™ Weight Management Competition, I at once said “yes!”. I used to think that eating tasty food and enjoying good health were irreconcilable, but I’ve learnt that I can enjoy delicious food and a healthy body at the same time by getting to know more about nutrition. Plus, I now know how to eat smart and to eat at the right time. In addition to still enjoying delicious food, I find that I’m more energetic and able to wake up without an alarm every morning.

Vut Wing Chung

Achieved Outstanding Performance in the Weight Management Competition

Body fat ratio fell 0.2 %
weight fell 0 %

Cheung Sze Man

Achieved Outstanding Performance in the Weight Management Competition

Metabolic age fell by 0 years

From Sweet Tooth to Sashimi

I work in the creative multimedia industry. The long hours and the nature of working late into the night or early morning often make me feel stressed. To help relieve my stress, I like to dress up and check out Instagrammable coffee shops during holidays. Desserts are a great stress reliever for me and my favourite is tiramisu. Unfortunately, work occupies most of my day and I don’t have time for exercise. My metabolic rate was getting slower and I felt discouraged about not being able to find a solution.

I feel much happier now as I’ve acquired a great deal of nutrition knowledge thanks to Nutrilite™, and I’ve also got to know more about how to lose body fat. My favourite foods now are high-protein oysters and sashimi that are full of healthy oils. As long as you maintain good daily eating habits and get adequate exercise, it’s okay to indulge yourself with tiramisu sometimes. I can’t wait for summer as I am ready to put on my vest and jeggings to go out and take photos. I’d like to become a weight management coach in the future so I can share my new nutrition knowledge with friends.

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