Subscribe to e-Amagram and Get an eCoupon!

Reading Amagram has become much more convenient following the launch of the digital version. There are many benefits for subscribers in being able to access digital content anytime and anywhere. The e-Amagram is available now and the features have recently been enhanced. Let’s take a closer look at the website and what it has to offer.

To encourage users to subscribe e -Amagram, from April 10 until June 30, 2019, simply login at, then access to the account login page and select “Subscribe e-Amagram”. Fill in your ADA number, email address and your name. You will receive a HK$50* Amway e-coupon after the confirmation.

* Registered email addresses must meet our requirements and commitment to opt out of receiving the printed version of Amagram. The e-coupon will be deposited into your account on or before August 15, 2019 and each distributorship is entitled to receive one coupon only. The coupon is valid until October 15, 2019 and PV/BV is not applicable, The eCoupon can be used for every DP HK$500 on the online purchase.