Amway Hong Kong Gives Communities a Hand to Fight the Pandemic

The fifth wave of the pandemic has laid bare some harsh realities for Hong Kong society. At Amway, our mission is to help people live better lives and we have donated more than 1,000 boxes of nutritional food, health food and personal care products to different institutions, helping those in need and showing our care for the community. Working hand in hand with the local community, we believe we can fight the virus and help people to get through these unprecedented times.

Gratitude to Frontline Volunteers and Medical Staff

We donated more than 1,000 nutritious food items to frontline volunteers and medical staff from several social welfare organizations

Cheering for Residents and Staff in Nursing Homes

1,000+ nutritious food items, health supplements and personal care products were donated to elderly residents and staff working in six Hong Kong nursing homes

Support for Grass-root Families and Communities in Need

Around 1,000 nutritious food items and personal care products were donated to several social welfare organizations, giving support and showing care for grassroots families


and more to come…