Unhealthy eating habits are often linked to poor health. An unbalanced diet can lead to problems such as obesity or nutritional deficiency that can increase the risk of suffering from diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and some cancers. The ideal healthy diet includes the consumption of foods that give you the right number of calories and a variety of beneficial nutrients. It is recommended to absorb six basic food groups in moderation, including grains, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, eggs and pulses, and milk and dairy products. Consuming the right quantities of natural, healthy foods every day will help to build a solid health foundation.

 Eat Less  Saturated Fat

Consuming foodstuffs containing too much saturated fat can cause the body to produce cholesterol and increase the risk of suffering from heart disease. Fatty meats, cakes and biscuits all contain high levels of saturated fat. When it comes to deciding what to eat, it is better to opt for foods that are high in unsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat or polyunsaturated fat instead of food containing high levels of saturated fat. It is suggested to consume more olive oil, nuts and seeds.

 Natural and Simple  Food

In the interest of better health, it is recommended to choose intact or whole grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, as well as nuts and seeds. Refined and processed foods are not recommended as the natural fibers and vitamins may be removed in the manufacturing process for the sake of taste enhancement and easy storage. Not only is the nutritional value reduced but many artificial compounds are also added. The high sugar and salt content in processed foods can place a great burden on the body’s health.

Proper  Cooking 

Water-soluble vitamins and minerals, as well as chlorophyll, are not suited to high-temperature cooking or boiling for too long. Generally speaking, the longer the cooking time, the more nutrients will be lost. It is advised to shorten cooking time where possible to retain nutrients and the taste of the food.

Naturally Healthy Series

Made from natural and plant-derived ingredients, the Naturally Healthy Series is free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors with the aim of promoting natural health and enabling you to enjoy the real taste of quality foods at home!

Prepare in the Kitchen

R&J Organic Soy Sauce (420 ml)

  • Cherry-picked organic black beans that are naturally fermented

  • Licorice added to bring a mellow and sweet flavor

  • Uses brewing method that dates back 70 years

  • No added preservatives, artificial colors and flavors

Suitable for preparing
all kinds of cuisines

Amway Queen Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml)

  • Grown and bottled in Spain

  • 100% pure virgin olive

  • From fresh fruit to finished product in 24 hours, retaining nutrients and natural flavors

  • Contains 84% of unsaturated fatty acid

  • Zero cholesterol, zero trans fat

  • Helps maintain cardiovascular health

Suitable for preparing
all kinds of cuisines

Aromatic Snack

Multi-Grain Bites

  • Rich in grains and nuts

  • Crispy, aromatic and delicious

  • Granulated sugar free, uses functional oligosaccharides.
    Good taste without any burden on the body

  • Non-fried healthy snack, enjoy anytime, anywhere

  • Red barley,
    black sesame

  • Red barley, pumpkin seeds, almond slices, cashew nuts, quinoa

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