New Founders Executive Diamond Direct Distributors

Li Man Bong and Quintina

The past two years in Hong Kong have been far from typical, with months of social unrest followed by a devastating pandemic. These seismic events have brought significant changes to people’s living patterns and the operating environment for local businesses. We have seen the distance between people grows wider, while the economic impact of these events can be clearly seen through the number of vacant shops.

New Founders Executive Diamond Direct Distributors Bong and Quintina were determined to create breakthroughs in their business during this period of uncertainty, which required great determination and perseverance on their part. “Setting the goal of achieving Founders Executive Direct actually originated from an accident in which Quintina sprained her foot, yet we enjoyed even better results during that time. We wondered whether this was a sign that we needed to change,” Bong smiled.

Pioneering Spirit

Creates Breakthroughs

Pioneering Spirit

Creates Breakthroughs

An Irreplaceable Partnership

Like many young people, the pair focused on making achievements when they began their business. “At that time, we wanted to achieve outstanding things in just a short period of time, because to us that was the definition of excellence,” recalled the pair. “However, our leaders kept reminding us to focus on our team and enhance our abilities, and to always think about others. We didn’t understand their advice at that time until we repeatedly saw partners who actively developed the business at the beginning, but then quickly lost their enthusiasm and chose to leave.”

Winning the hearts and minds of people is a concept sometimes expressed in the context of war. “If we only focus on our own achievements and ignore others’ needs, partners will not be keen on staying in our big family for a long time,” Bong said, adding that the longer you stay in Amway, the more you will find yourself doing things not directly related to the business. “As long as you are eager to listen, partners will share about everything – from their families and friendships to their relationships with their other halves! You need to be honest with your partners because this helps to build a more united team and makes partners more willing to stay.” Bong stressed that the trust built between partners is not only the key to success, it is something that can’t be replaced.

Adapting to the New Normal

“The biggest advantage of Amway is that you can set up the business with just a small amount of capital – but in some ways, this can also be disadvantage,” Quintina said. “Due to its low-cost nature, many people may work very hard to sponsor new friends, following up on team development one day, but choosing to relax the next. Such inconsistencies make it more difficult to achieve your goal. If you are eager to succeed, you need to embrace the mindset of an entrepreneur: you must be determined to achieve your goal!”

We all know that you can’t hear the sound of one hand clapping, and to achieve your goals takes the effort of the whole team working together. “We needed to reach our required achievements for 12 consecutive months – a challenge that would be even greater if any of our partners wanted to give up, because every one of them was very important to our success! We thought this might also be a leadership test for us. We needed to understand how our partners were thinking and solve any problems together. Even more important, we needed to ignite the fire in their hearts again!” said Quintina.

As leaders and creators of dreams, the pair demonstrated their ability to respond quickly. “Thanks go to the company for launching various policies to make it easier for Distributors to achieve their goals,” said Bong. “The continuous changes in the social environment have affected us greatly, and we discovered that the existing development model might not be suited to the current situation. We saw that we needed to make a change that would enable us to move further.”

Bong has always been mindful of the saying, “where there is danger, there is opportunity”, explaining that he and Quintina saw the importance of online development some time ago. “We were forced to accelerate the pace of change during these recent difficult times, so we began to host different online talks and training sessions, while I made an effort to boost my skills in video shooting and editing. I think such action has become the ‘new normal’ under the pandemic. It may seem the future is not that hopeful, but it can actually be the perfect time to start all over again,” Bong shared, stressing the importance of being able to see things from different perspectives.

Unlimited Vitality

Today, Amway plays a central role in this dynamic pair’s life. “I used to think I wouldn’t need to continue developing Amway after I succeeded in the business, but now I enjoy it so much!” Bong smiled. “Amway is full of vitality and looking after the business is similar to looking after a tree. If you sow the seed, plant and fertilize with heart, it will eventually become a big, healthy tree, even though you might have to deal with a few pests along the way!”

Looking at the challenges ahead, the pair is confident about the future development of Amway. “Hong Kong people show their true mettle in difficult circumstances. We believe that technology will enable us to make stronger connections with other people – at any time and from anywhere – and we are sure we can share the Amway business with more people in the future,” said a determined Bong.

The Key to Unlocking Young Minds

Young people form the majority of Bong and Quintina’s team, and the pair is determined to build a stable community among these fresh talents. “It is an indisputable fact that young people want to enjoy themselves and earn a fast return,” Quintina said. “They work hard to get their first achievement after starting the business, but often they lack the patience needed to keep the business going.”

She added that one of the most appealing aspects of Amway is that you can enjoy future financial protection and more free time once you have established a stable team and achieved a solid performance. “Most people, and especially the younger ones, do not have a thorough understanding of the business and think it will take a long time to achieve outstanding results. They mainly focus on immediate success and it’s our job as leaders to help them understand the true nature of the business and give them more of a macro view.”

In the age of the millennial, the question of how to deal with young people and utilize their undoubted potential is one that’s being asked around the world. There is still no clear answer to how to address the “battle of the generations” in this fast-changing environment. For Quintina, her hope is that she can help young people better equip themselves through education. “I like the concept of ‘life education’ very much. It focuses more on people themselves and the idea that we need to take a step-by-step approach to nurturing life values that can help people realize their own potential. To achieve this, young people will be willing to stay in the team and work together with us,” she said.