Nutrilite™ Weight Management Product Promotion

During the promotion period, you can get one of the listed Nutrilite™ Weight Management Premiums for FREE when you purchase the Nutrilite™ Weight Management Promotion Package as detailed. The offer is available while stocks last.

2022 Nutrilite™ Weight Management Promotion Package Includes:

  • Double X or Refill Pack
  • Any flavors of Protein Powder
  • Any flavors of BodyKey Meal Replacement Shake / Nutritional Drink Mix (Black Pepper Mushroom) (2 boxes)
  • Vitamin B Plus Dual-Action
  • Lecithin E / Hon E Leci Powder
  • Nutrition Bar – Seaweed Flavor / Meal Bar (Cookies & Cream / Mixed Berry Crisp) / n* by Nutrilite Diet Jelly
  • Any three bottles of Slimmetry or Diet Supplement or Safflower and Citrus or Carb Bloc or Balance Within™ Probiotic (30 stick packs) or Balance Within™ Probiotic (90 stick packs) or XS Muscle Multiplier or XS Muscle Multiplier Jelly or Nutri Fiber Powder; and
  • XS energy drink (6 cans)

Optional Premiums (Maximum Value HK$900/MOP929)

Premium A

  • R&J Organic Soy Sauce x 1

  • Amway Queen Extra Virgin Olive Oil x 1

  • R&J Multi-Grain Bites
    (Sesame Flavor x 2; Quinoa & Nuts Flavor x 2)


Premium B

  • Leading French brand

  • Grill, bake and steam with ease

  • Cute flower shape

  • Easy for cooking at home and posting on social media

  • 20cm diameter, capacity of 600ml each


Includes Nutrilite™ product trial pack, Artistry personal care product trial pack and XS energy drinks valued at HK$150 or MOP155.

^Products in product trial pack will be updated from time to time.

Redemption Price of HK$250 / MOP258 TANITA 10-IN-1 Digital Scale (Black)

More Options

Interest-Free Installments#

For every two 2022 Nutrilite™ Weight Management Promotion Packages purchased, you are entitled to the option of switching one of the Premiums to 6-month interest-free installments#. Choose the installment plan and you are entitled to one of the optional premiums and two product trial packs.

#‬Applies only to orders placed at Amway Merchandising Centres. Only designated credit cards are eligible for the offer. Please refer to the promotional poster for more details.

Nutrilite™ Weight Management Competition

Online Enrollment Is Open

Simply login to the website to enroll for this year’s Nutrilite™ Weight Management Competition. Complete your personal information to register and make a reservation, and you will then receive an SMS for verification. Login again to make a group registration (in groups of 3 to 4 people).

Enroll and make reservation now.
Please note we only accept online application and reservation in advance.


HK Region – Group B

HK Region – Group C

HK Region – Group D

Initial Measurement Date

May 21 to 25

June 25 to 29

July 23 to 27

Please refer to the registration website for more details and full terms and conditions for the 2022 Nutrilite™ Weight Management Competition.

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