Nutrilite™ goes deeper than anyone in the industry to ensure our customers receive the most effective supplements possible. Effectiveness comes from:

  • STABILITY: Supplement stability tests are conducted on every product and package, guaranteeing the effectiveness and tablet shelf life through the expiry date listed on the package.

  • STANDARDIZATION: We perform phytochemical fingerprinting to identify ingredients and their nutrient composition, so we choose the best species of botanicals for our products.

  • CONSISTENCY: We use the same ingredients with the same consistent level of potency to make the same high-quality supplements every time. We ensure our products always meet our superior standards to provide consistent levels of nutritional effectiveness.

The Effective Facts

For each botanical we investigate, we read thousands of research papers to understand the health benefit the plant may provide. Each paper can run up to 12 pages; that’s the equivalent of ready 30 novels per ingredient.

We want to formulate from the right ingredient. We’re very particular about identifying the part of the plant that provides the benefit – it could be the root, the stem or the berries.

Our strict quality standards go above and beyond what current laws require, which helps us ensure the effectiveness of our products.

Engineers in charge of extraction measure the nutrient markers in the raw material so that they can guarantee the amount of key ingredients that go into a supplement.

Our formulations are effective because they provide the correct, balanced amount of nutrients, not extra amounts that will place a burden on your body.

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