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Miura Takuya & Francisca

It is many people’s dream to have a stable professional job that they believe can provide the best protection – but is this always the case? As two professionals, new Diamond Direct Distributors Miura Takuya and Francisca chose to develop Amway to “take control of our future and redefine the meaning of a splendid life. The most important thing is that we are able to inherit Amway’s values and bring hope to more people.”

Inheriting the Future

Inheriting the Future

Securing Extra Protection

Having achieved outstanding academic results, Francisca was happy to get the opportunity to join the private banking industry. From the perspective of others, she was viewed as one of life’s winners. However, she later discovered that her career was heavily impacted by the economic environment.

“We experienced an economic crisis soon after I joined the company and I saw that despite a high income and good career path, it was also very important to have protection. Even if you were lucky enough not to be laid off, you might need to take up the work of those who had gone,” Francisca explained, adding that she wanted to enjoy greater peace of mind and have protection against uncertainties.

“When working with clients in my traditional job, I found that many of them had set up their own business at the same time as getting involved in different investment projects, and this made me think more about finding a second income,” she said. Francisca started by taking a part-time job outside office hours but soon realized she could not earn extra income if she didn’t go out to work.

While Francisca worked hard in her traditional job, her parents had been enjoying a carefree life for many years thanks to the Amway business. “Even though they are both retired I saw that they could still enjoy a stable passive income. I became determined to make a big change in my life and start to develop Amway.”

Be Brave to Change

“My parents are successful Amway leaders, and once I started the business my mother advised me that I should not give it up easily, and that it was important to believe that I could succeed,” Francisca smiled. Moving from her role as an account manager to a new starter in the Amway business, Francisca needed to learn from scratch.

“I realized Amway is a fair business that no matter how is your background, you will succeed if you are willing to work hard step by step,” she said, describing herself as someone who is eager to try new things.

In a traditional job, you only need to focus on your own task, but in Amway you will meet people from different backgrounds. More importantly, you will see a big improvement in your personal capabilities and get more chance for self-reflection as you communicate with others,” shared Francisca. “I feel blessed as I learnt to alter the way I think through interactions with my partners.”

Inheriting Amway’s Values

Amway is a business that can be passed on to the next generation. “If I hadn’t developed the Amway business, I would still be able to enjoy its rewards and protection through the efforts of my parents,” Francisca explained. “It was not just about inheriting the materialistic stuff, but also inheriting Amway’s mission and value.”

A person’s values and beliefs need to be demonstrated continuously in your daily life if they are going to inspire others. “My parents retired many years ago, but they are still enjoying financial independence through Amway. They are good role models who are still bold and active in helping others, devoting themselves to supporting different organizations that help people in need,” Francisca smiled.

“I mainly thought about my own situation when I started out in Amway, but I soon realized that this is a business where you can succeed yourself and help others to succeed at the same time. You also need to lead your team and partners so that you can enjoy success together,” she said.

Francisca believes the inheritance of the Amway business is not just about passing it on to your family, “but also refers to how you spread the business within your team and enable more people to learn about Amway.” She said she now has a deeper understanding of her parent’s hard work and determination to achieve success in Amway.

Today, Francisca is willing to shoulder other people’s dreams through the Amway business. “Although the burden feels heavier, I keep reminding myself to be a better me, and to shoulder my responsibilities in order to live up to the commitments I’ve made to my team and partners.”

The Strongest Support

Francisca’s determination to reach her goal of becoming Diamond Direct Distributor was buoyed by her husband’s tremendous support. “No matter how busy I was when chasing my dream, he was willing to adjust his schedule so that we could spend time together. This energized me greatly!” Francisca beamed.

Having been promoted to Diamond Direct, Francisca is keen to encourage partners who are also working hard to achieve their goal. “To succeed, we need to work hard and stay focused. Having desire and an ambition to succeed are important factors, and we need to bear in mind that Amway is not an individual business, and that you can only enjoy success and personal growth if you are willing to learn and work with others,” Francisca shared.

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