Artistry Signature Select™ Body Care Collection

Power-up your body beauty routine with our first collection of five high performance body products, all derived from nature and perfected by science. Experience the benefits of powerful, nature-inspired ingredients from Nutrilite™’s organic farm, and reveal the best skin your body has seen! Formulated without parabens, sulfate surfactants, mineral oils and phthalates. Not tested on animals. Dermatologist tested, allergy tested and suitable for all skin types.

Skin is the body’s largest organ, yet many people don’t know how to take proper care of it. Our body skin faces a variety of challenges every day.

Dryness and Discomfort

Dehydrated skin will feel tight and uncomfortable and may also get itchy and irritated.

Pollution, PM2.5 and other external assaults

Pores will be clogged by PM2.5, pollution and other external assaults, causing the decrease of oxygen level in skin. It affects the normal functions of skin and makes the skin look dull.

Reduction in Metabolism

Metabolism slows down as you age, causing a thicker layer of stratum corneum and skin may also get rough and flaky.

Free Radicals

Accelerates the oxidation of skin, speeds up the development of premature signs of aging such as dull skin and appearance of fine lines.


Cellulite refers to a dimpled or lumpy texture on the skin, often found around the stomach, thighs and buttocks. It can make skin appear saggy and as if it has lost its firmness and elasticity.

Purify · Cleanse ·

Soften · Strengthen

Purifying Body Cleanser

Gently cleanses impurities from skin, including sweat, dirt and pollution micro-dust (PM2.5). The formula of this daily cleanser is infused with Nutrilite™-sourced citrus extract, perilla and evening primrose oils which proactively work to strengthen the skin’s barrier and help defend it against dryness. The end result is skin that feels soft, smooth, moisturized and ready to receive all the benefits from your full body care routine.

The translucent gel foams into a rich, refreshing lather, with a bright and fresh fragrance that gives an uplifting start to your day.

Brighten · Moisturize ·

Retexturize · Revitalize

Brightening Body Cream

Show off your skin’s glow and reveal your inner goddess! Powered by Artistry™ Skin Brightening Complex, the 4X-action formula reveals renewed skin that’s visibly brighter. With every application, Nutrilite™-sourced white chia seed extract, acerola cherry extract and evening primrose oil work in combination to nourish, strengthen and protect your skin’s moisture barrier, ensuring it looks luminous and healthy all day long.

The cream has a rich, luxurious texture and is absorbed quickly to leave skin feeling soft and moisturized. Natural light diffusers create an instant, show-stopping glow the moment you apply, while the bright, uplifting floral scent is both feminine and strong.

Deeply Hydrate · Protect

Strengthen · Anti-oxidation

Hydrating Body Gel

Quench the thirst of dry skin with deep hydration that lasts for up to 48 hours*! This amazing hydro-gel formula contains a sugar molecule that teaches skin to hold moisture where it is needed the most. Formulated with Nutrilite™-sourced green tea and peach flower extracts, perilla and evening primrose oils, which together provide antioxidant protection from free radicals, pollutants and other impurities. Your skin’s moisture barrier will be strengthened – the key to keeping skin well-hydrated day and night.

The ultra-lightweight gel is absorbed quickly with no greasy or sticky residue, while the crisp, fresh fragrance is revitalizing and relaxing at the same time.

* Measurement taken 48 hours after twice daily use.

Firm · Tighten ·

Smooth · Renew

Firming Body Lotion

Against the appearance of cellulite and tighten the sagging skin to create an attractive figure for you. This serum-lotion – powered by Artistry Signature Select™ skin firming complex (with coffee seed oil, caffeine, algae and liposomes) – helps visibly smooth and tighten skin to give your legs, belly and arms a firmer appearance after continued use. It also contains Nutrilite™-sourced pomegranate extract which provides anti-dust benefits to protect and soothe skin from irritation caused by six types of pollutants including PM2.5, PM10, diesel exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, urban dust and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

The lotion has a silky-smooth texture and is absorbed quickly to deliver rapid skin-firming benefits. It has an instant cooling effect while the fresh, invigorating scent revitalizes your senses. Clinically proven to visibly firm thighs, legs, abdomen and buttocks.

Exfoliate · Polish ·

Refresh · Re-energize

Polishing Body Scrub

This instant-action body scrub uses extra-fine bamboo grains that gently work to sweep away the buildup of dull, dry surface cells and reveal fresh, smooth, glowing skin underneath. Nutrilite™-sourced blackcurrant extract and a blend of essential oils (açai fruit oil, evening primrose oil and perilla oil) help to nourish the skin and leave it feeling baby-soft for days.

The rich, creamy texture of the scrub leaves skin feeling silky-smooth and rejuvenated, while the vibrant berry scent provides a burst of uplifting energy.

The Firming Solution

Give your skin a whole new kind of “workout” and get a toned and attractive body shape. This powerful body skin routine will help to visibly firm cellulite-prone areas such as the thighs, legs, abdomen and buttocks.

The Hydrating Solution

When your skin’s feeling dry and in need of a continuous moisture infusion, it’s time to hydrate! Use this terrific trio to help your skin feel hydrated, smooth and elastic all day long.

The Brightening Solution

Use this all-conquering combo to help reveal your skin’s inner glow and radiance. The end result is skin that’s revitalized and luminous.

The Ultimate Solution

Want to have a comprehensive body care regimen?
Here’s the ultimate solution solution that brings you flawless beauty and a perfect body shape.

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