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Almost all senior Amway Distributors in Hong Kong know Mrs. Angela Keung. Mrs. Keung joined Amway Hong Kong as Assistant Sales Manager in 1989 and was later promoted to Shop Operations Manager and Sales Manager. In 1997, she was promoted to General Manager of Amway Hong Kong and in 2002 also took up responsibility for special events in the Greater China Region. In 2007, she was promoted to VP-National Sales of Amway China and in 2009 was appointed VP-Sales, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Even though Mrs. Keung was assigned to play an important role in the mainland, she never lost her connection and responsibilities towards Amway Hong Kong over 33 years of dedicated service.

Mrs. Keung was set to retire from the position of Vice President & Chief Sales Officer – Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in May 2022, with plans to develop and pursue her personal interests. However, since the General Manager of Amway Hong Kong has resigned to spend more time with his family, Mrs. Keung has been invited to take up a new role in Amway Hong Kong, mainly responsible for the operation and development of the local market.

Amagram: Are you disappointed that your new work arrangement has disrupted your retirement plans?

Mrs. Keung: The sudden new work arrangement did affect my personal plans. However, I have my roots in Amway Hong Kong and it holds a very important place in my heart. I feel happy that I can continue to contribute to Amway Hong Kong’s Distributors and employees when the company needs me.

Amagram: You have been responsible for the Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong markets, and you are also an important member of the Global Sales Council. Seeing Amway’s operations in different countries and regions around the world, what do you think about the competitive edge of Amway – and how does this make it easier for people to succeed in the business?

Mrs. Keung: Every Amway market has its own challenges. Many people think that the Hong Kong market will soon be saturated due to the city’s small population. But in fact it has been 48 years since Amway Hong Kong opened and its performance also hit a record high last year.

When looking into different Amway markets, Korea has strict supervision of the direct selling industry. The consumption market in Korea is well developed and there is intense competition within the industry. But Amway’s business continues to create breakthroughs in the Korean market, and it is now one of the top Amway markets in terms of market share. Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multilingual country. To meet the needs of different ethnic groups, Amway Malaysia publishes various literatures, including a monthly magazine, in three languages.

The Mainland China market has a huge population. Although it faces an unstable regulatory environment and rapid changes in the consumer market, along with fierce competition and enterprises of varying quality, Amway China has grasped the health and wellness trend to achieve business growth.

Every market has its own challenges, but all Amway markets showcase the same high quality products and a business promoting health and wellness. We, as part of the company, are committed to following the Amway culture and philosophy. Success does not depend on where you are, but how much the company and Distributors are able to face up to changes in the market. Equally important is the value that Distributors see in the Amway business and how much effort they are willing to put in.

Amway Hong Kong 45th Anniversary Winner Circle

Amagram: You have met many of Amway’s top global leaders during your 33 years of service. What success factors do they share?

Mrs. Keung: First of all, they all love Amway. They embrace life and are passionate – they are all eager to pursue success and also willing to help others succeed. They share a positive “can do” attitude, a strong sense of purpose and a comprehensive plan. Amway is not a business that’s led by individual heroism. In fact, the more successful they are, the more leaders know how to nurture and cultivate talents. In Hong Kong, I see many leaders acting as mentors or friends, leading their young teams and helping the younger generation build a more stable and healthier Amway business over the long term. This truly demonstrates the helping spirit of Amway at the same time as nurturing new talents for Amway. Ever since its business was established 48 years ago, Amway Hong Kong has continued to reach new business heights thanks to the great efforts of our leaders.

Amagram: How do you see the future and potential of the Hong Kong market?

Mrs. Keung: Although Hong Kong is such a small city, we are proud to be ranked in the top 10 among Amway markets globally. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement. By comparison, the penetration rate of Amway Taiwan and Amway Korea is ahead of Hong Kong by 1.5 times and 1.8 times respectively, and the performance of these two markets is still increasing. That said, I have great confidence in Amway Hong Kong and I see it is still being an unfinished diamond that possesses unlimited potential. We have a group of leaders who love Amway and are strong partners. All of them are positive and eager to make progress and create breakthroughs. It is also gratifying to me to see so many of the younger generation joining Amway in recent years. The commitment and the enthusiasm they show for the business has enabled them to achieve success quickly.

Thanks must go to Amway headquarters for providing us with a variety of highly competitive products that support the health and wellness business strategy, as well as the support they give for the digital strategy. I believe there is a bright future ahead for the direct selling industry.

2014 Amway Leadership Seminar - Mediterranean Cruise

Amagram: As Amway celebrates 70 years of business, what is the company’s strategy?

Mrs. Keung: Looking forward to A70, Amway has formulated and delivered a clear growth strategy pivot that aims at providing our customers a healthy, beautiful and environmentally friendly life. Seeing the increasing awareness of customers towards health and health products and the increase in demand recently, Amway will continue to play an important role and make good use of its advantages in product development, brand building, research and development as well as the services provided to our customers. We will keep track on our health and wellness business development and provide a holistic health approach for our customers.

With the growing popularity of social and digital platforms, we will prioritize resources on social commerce and technology to ensure that everyone can enjoy a simple, convenient and hassle-free shopping experience. And we will use the power of social commerce to trigger entrepreneurship, enable customers and Distributors to experience the advantages of digitalization, and help Distributors to retain customers.

Looking ahead to Amway’s 70th anniversary, our shared vision is to make Amway a magnet for young entrepreneurs and to nurture a new generation of leaders who have the ability to help anyone start a business.

Mrs. Keung was a former President of Direct Selling Association of Hong Kong and she gave an opening remarks at the Symposium

Amway Experience Centre Opening Ceremony

The Asian Symposium of Direct Selling was held in 2007 which successfully brought the delegates from 20 countries and territories for ideas exchange

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