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Essential Oil Hair Treatment in One Go

5 Advantages

5 natural derivative oils

Advantage 1

Contains argan oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, white mango seed oil and coconut oil; protects hair against damage and nourishes deeply

2 natural proteins and patented SATINIQUE™ unique ingredient ENERJUVE™ complex

Advantage 2

Includes hydrolyzed conchiolin protein and milk protein; repairs damaged hair

Unique oatmeal extract

Advantage 3

Helps the hair dye penetrate to the core, protecting hair following dyeing and resulting in a longer-lasting color. Patented OMC sunscreen technology protects dyed hair from ultraviolet rays and prevents color fading

3 herb extracts

Advantage 4

Contains crocus, chamomile and sage. Ammonia-free and with no pungent smell. Odorless and low-irritation formula

Color rendering technology specially designed for Asian black hair

Advantage 5

Helps get rid of white and grey hair

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