Keep Stickiness at Bay

this Summer!

Summer is undoubtedly a great time for outdoor activities and enjoying the sun and fresh air with friends. The downside is that the hot and humid summer days can lead to sweatiness and discomfort, leaving us with frizzy hair and sticky skin. Plus, too much sun exposure may damage our hair and skin. The G&H Body Care collection and SATINIQUE™ hair products are here to help, keeping your hair and skin free from oil during the hot weather. Let’s all enjoy a COOL summer!

  • Restores vital moisture to hair
  • Botanical blend of jujui seed oil and pro-vitamin B5 helps improve elasticity as it rehydrates and protects

  • For damaged, color-treated hair
  • Strengthens hair up to 6 times
  • Resurfaces and repairs hair’s cuticle

  • Light, airy foam gently cleanses, helping to refresh and effectively maintain healthy-looking skin

  • Releases a burst of rejuvenating hydration with a blend of beneficial botanicals including aloe, grapeseed extract and green tea extract. Skin is soothed and revitalized for a fresh, healthy look

  • Mild and gentle on skin. Up to 48-hour of wetness and deodorant protection

  • Formulated to reduce skin irritation and discoloration. Clear and fast drying, does not leave white marks on skin or clothes

  • A fresh burst of fragrance is released when the body is active. Provides a longer-lasting feeling of freshness compared to traditional fragranced deodorants

  • Unique lightweight yet moisture-rich formula spreads easily and absorbs instantly, helping to refresh the skin and boost skin moisture

  • Provides up to 24-hour of moisturization. Skin feels softer, smoother and moisturized all day long after a single use

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