For the Love of Beauty.

Perfected by Science. Infused with Nature. Personalized for you.

"Each woman is an individual like no other,
a self-made work of art."

— Edith Rehnborg

Global spokesperson for ARTISTRY
Teresa Palmer

What is at the heart of ARTISTRY™?

ARTISTRY™ is a top brand of skin care and cosmetic products, sold through direct selling by Amway in more than 50 countries and territories worldwide. Founded in 1958 by the entrepreneurial Rehnborg couple, the ARTISTRY portfolio features skincare, makeup, and holistic beauty solutions that are infused with nature, perfected by science, and personalized for each woman’s individual needs. Exclusive formulations reflect the global research, development, and quality assurance conducted by a network of more than 900 scientists and international skin health doctors from leading universities. The brand has analyzed over 32,000 faces from all over the world to develop product solutions based on each woman’s unique skin needs.

ARTISTRY™ Brand Video

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