Intensive Skincare
Blooming Sleeping Mask

The Blooming Sleeping Mask adds vibrancy to your skin as you rest. Even if you don’t sleep well, your skin will still have more vitality!

For Beautiful Blossoming Skin

Amway pending patent^ fermentia CICA Release™ – Restores Damaged Skin

CICA Release™ results in a renewed skin condition every morning by providing fermentia CICA over the eight hours you sleep.


improvement in skin restoration

higher moisture level

^ US patent application (pending) 62941274

* Compared to unfermented CICA

Urban Defense Complex – Relieves Skin Stress

Urban Defense Complex (chrysanthemum complex +AA2G) is a strong antioxidant complex sourced by the Amway Botanical Research Center that restores damaged skin and relieves skin stress caused by harmful environments. A paper was published by the UK’s Dove Medical Press that confirmed the complex’s excellent results.

Blooming Bassam – Recharges Tired Skin

A natural origin herb complex with seven patents that is known to be good at soothing the skin and improving its vitality and glow.

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