The Secret to New Distributor Success?
Flexing Your Mentorship Muscle

Amway Corporation Chief Executive Officer Milind Pant

Without a doubt, one of the most critical elements of our A70 Journey will be to drive success and retention of new Distributors that focus on building customer communities around their passions. To do this, we are working hard to develop products, platforms, tools and training that will help new Distributors succeed on their journey to attract and retain happy, loyal customers… and to earn meaningful income from month one. This work is critical.

However, Amway’s recipe for success also relies heavily on partnership with our Distributor leaders. The success of new Distributors in Amway is inextricably linked to the upline’s spirit of giving — as a mentor. For any leader, I believe it’s vital to practice a generosity of time and spirit. Ultimately, leadership is the gift that keeps on giving: by sharing your expertise with others, you become a better entrepreneur yourself. 

I have learned a lot about leadership and mentorship from my time connecting with Distributors globally. Here are some of my favorite learnings to help drive new Distributor success.

Build relationships that go beyond business
Building relationships with pioneering, new Distributors through a ‘live to serve’ mindset will help you go beyond business and make your own network stronger. With a strong foundation of trust and care with the next generation around you, success is sure to follow.

Show, don’t tell
The best leaders are the ones who lead by example, who practice what they preach and are living a health and wellness lifestyle themselves. This ‘show, don’t tell’ mentorship philosophy helps the best leaders demonstrate what it takes to be successful in building online-to-offline customer communities around products, through a passion for nutrition, fitness, beauty, adventure, cooking and more.

Take a chance on those you believe in
The best leaders have a unique gift of making everyone around them feel like they can do anything they put their minds to. They inspire their downlines to be a continuous learner, to lead with heart, to focus on building a strong and sustainable business structure, to spotlight and recognize talent, and to take a chance on mentoring the new Distributor who joins their group with a sparkle in their eyes.