Sharing Love in Their Business

Sharing Love in
Their Business

Diamond Direct Distributors Ho Ping Chuen & Shuk Fung

Speaking at the latest Amway Distributor Rally, Diamond Direct Distributors Ho Ping Chuen and Shuk Fung shared with the audience how they have been able to realize the different meanings of life through developing Amway. The pair have actively developed the business and grasped every opportunity along the way, combining their talents and working in unison to achieve outstanding results. Moreover, the pair are pursuing satisfaction through spiritual fulfilment, aiming to share their love and help more people enjoy a prosperous life.


Priscilla grew up in an ordinary family. Although she lived a simple life, she had a family who loved her, and from a young age she had the feeling that she wanted to give something back.

She studied hard with the hope she could provide a better life for her family in the future. After graduating from an overseas university, she launched into a career in the banking industry. “I was pursuing personal enhancement at that time, and it was then that I first encountered the Amway platform. I was looking to seize every learning opportunity, so I quickly decided to develop Amway,” she recalled.

A few years down the road, Priscilla took the decision to focus on her traditional job and postpone her Amway business for a while. “I was under high pressure; I was only getting three hours’ sleep a day and I needed to go on long and tiring business trips. What made me even more worried was that if there was a restructuring in the company I could quite easily be replaced,” she shared.

(From left) Founders Platinum Direct Distributor Jade Liu, Founders Platinum Direct Distributor Candies Lo, Silver Producer Sylvia Lau

Be prepared for peril

Priscilla works in the bank’s risk management department. As she moved to higher positions in the organization she witnessed some senior members of staff being replaced by others, which made her realize that holding an important position in a company did not equate to long-term protection. It was important to be prepared for perilous events.

“We need to grasp opportunities when we have the chance and be prepared to deal with the worst in an unpredictable future,” she stressed. Another challenge came from the health of Priscilla’s father, which saw a significant deterioration at that time. “I regretted that I couldn’t find time to help when a loved one needed me the most, even though I enjoyed a well-paid job.”

Enrich others’ lives

Dr. Ho and Priscilla’s enthusiasm about the Amway business continues to climb and the pair believe it is very meaningful to be able to help enrich the lives of other people. “We teach our partners nutrition knowledge and help improve their health. This enables older people to spend time with their family and helps to relieve the pressure on family carers, both physically and mentally. For me, this is much more satisfying than what I read in published articles in international academic journals,” Dr. Ho smiled.

At the same time, the pair put an emphasis on securing the growth of their partners. “We see our partners as family. We feel touched when we hear our partners share with us how our help enabled them to learn to be independent and give them the ability to provide a better life for their families,” the pair shared. To Dr. Ho and Priscilla, bringing health and hope to others is the greatest motivation for developing the Amway business.