Amway is a resilient business. We are strong. Our business model succeeds when other business models fail. When economic times are challenging, we provide hope and opportunity to those looking for another way to earn income.

After over 60 years of helping people live better lives, we’ve seen many global events, from economic downturns to natural disasters. And through them all, Amway has continued to grow and prosper. That is why we are especially proud to be part of our business, and we hope you are, too!

Our business helps people around the world in so many ways. We provide a business opportunity that’s second to none. Anyone can become an Amway Distributor and change their life with hard work and commitment. By giving people the support and opportunity to make their lives better, we believe our business can change the world. And we believe that, together with you, we will continue to be a strong, resilient company.

Amway Corporation Co-chair of the board of directors of
Amway Steve Van Andel (left) and Doug DeVos (right).