In June, there were many happy faces to be seen as our leaders enjoyed a trip to Alaska. During the trip, which was organized to reward their hard work, the leaders seemed to be in a constant state of happiness and excitement, as the photos here clearly show.

We hope these highlights serve a great memento to those who enjoyed the Alaska Cruise – and can motivate everyone else to make an even greater effort in the coming year!

Majestic Glaciers

Crab Feast

Gala Dinner

Get in Touch with Nature

Memorable Experience

Business Meeting

Ali Fung, General Manager of Amway Hong Kong, shared with Distributors the uniqueness and strength of the newly launched Core Plus Programme, encouraging everyone to grasp this opportunity for an outstanding achievement.
Founders Direct Richard Lau, Diamond Direct Billy Ku and Emerald Direct Fiona Chan (right) shared how Core Plus Programme helped young people succeed in Amway business.
Executive Diamond Direct Tsui Kit shared with audience how to set up their goal through Core Plus Programme in order to establish a stable business and solid structure.

Cruise Vacation

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