Intelligent Women

Women accumulate wisdom as they move through the different stages of life, taking on new values and attitudes with the experience they gain. Through the Amway business platform, countless extraordinary women have had the courage and conviction to take up new roles and acquire new knowledge that can help them in their journey.
Although these women have different roles to play in life, they are still able to show wisdom and tenacity in living up to their expectations. One key role that women play – that of mother – can never be routine.
The responsibilities women shoulder and the challenges they face in life enable them to demonstrate a keen sense of commitment and a willingness to explore new opportunities.

Founders Platinum

Esther Lo

Current Occupation:
Full-time Distributor

Esther is an elegant and eloquent woman who has always put her family first. She chose to take care of her family when she was young, but after her children had grown up, she was introduced to Amway by her cousin. Meeting her enlightened leaders in the business changed her life.
“They reminded me to ‘always remember to let your light shine’, and this had a profound impact on me. I reflected on my life, asking if I was keeping pace with the times. As a full-time mother, I wondered how I could widen my horizons and create more value for myself, at the same time as giving myself more choices in life,” Esther shared.
Life is not only solely defined by one’s age, and we all need to help determine our own futures. Esther grasped this opportunity to realize her dream and start a new journey in life. “At the beginning I just wanted to learn more about health and beauty and to broaden my social network. However, I soon found that I had established a completely different life and new set of values thanks to Amway, and I have enjoyed considerable personal growth.”

Esther is happy to share more about her growth and transformation. “I was neither eloquent nor confident in the past and I was always afraid I would say the wrong thing,” she recalled. In Amway, Esther learned to be humble and gradually began to live up to her ideal life. “I think it is important to have independent thinking and become more assertive. I wanted to be a financially independent modern woman who could show wisdom and good judgement. I hoped to have a positive influence on my friends and to learn and grow with them together.”
In addition to self-development, Esther also took a different approach to educating her children. “In the past I always criticized my kids, and they refused to spend time with me as a result. Now I’m always eager to show them my encouragement and support – and the support they’ve given me in return has enabled me to devote myself to developing the business wholeheartedly,” she said. Esther now has a lot more in common to share with her family, working towards the same goal and enjoying a happy and harmonious life together.

One of Esther’s key goals is to ensure she keeps pace with the times. From being unfamiliar with social platforms, she now runs her own Facebook community where she shares food stories, utilizing the knowledge she acquired through Amway training sessions.
“I knew nothing about social platforms at first, but I didn’t want to give up this learning opportunity,” she said. Every training session presented a new challenge, but she persevered and continued to learn. “My social platform now attracts many friends who share the same interest, and we encourage each other by sharing food photos and delicious recipes. I’m fully in touch with all the online trends now!”
Through continuous practice and persistence, Esther gradually gained new skills and built up her store of knowledge. “I will share this knowledge with the team so that everyone can build their own online brand even under the pandemic. A personal brand is very important as it helps our Amway businesses to grow,” she smiled.
Esther has shown her enthusiasm for the Amway business through her actions, using the knowledge she’s acquired to help her business blossom and grow.

Founders Platinum

Susanna Kwok

Current Occupation:
Director of a Small Home Appliance Manufacturer

Susanna, who has gained a great deal of experience establishing businesses over the years, has a strong affinity with others. As a gentle, elegant, attentive and meticulous woman, Susanna has many good friends and is keen to pursue a high quality of life along with a carefree living style.
“I believe every woman is attracted to beautiful things and I am one of them! I like flower arrangements, handicrafts and also have an interest in beauty care. I believe all these things can demonstrate a woman’s charisma,” Susanna smiled, explaining that her social circle and family environment helped to build an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.
“After my father started the company, I helped to manage our family’s home appliance business after I graduated, and I’ve also been involved in different businesses from high-end catering to photography studios and flower tea,” she shared. At the same time, Susanna has also shown a strong commitment to giving back to society and contributing to the development of education in the community. She leads a busy life, but she still enjoys the challenges and satisfaction that each role brings.

“Maintaining a sense of openness is crucial when I started the business. I wanted to help others improve their lives. This is a low-risk business that requires low set-up capital, and I am pleased to share the opportunity with others,” Susanna beamed, adding that the Amway business has brought her many joyful experiences. “This is a platform where you have access to fully integrated resources and where you can also develop your own diverse interests. I have even been able to turn my interest into my profession. Studying nutrition and sharing my knowledge with others have brought me a lot of unforgettable moments.”
As a mother, Susanna hopes to provide a future with better protection for her children. “They have accompanied me to meetings and various Amway activities since they were young, and they were strongly influenced by the company’s positive atmosphere. I feel blessed that they are optimistic, positive, helpful and polite. I hope the Amway business provides the backup that can allow them to fly free!” Susanna says she always puts her children first and hopes they can enjoy a worry-free future supported by the protection provided by the Amway business.

Amid her hectic schedule, Susanna found time to share unique aesthetic dining ideas on her social platform. Through her skillful hands, delicious food has become exquisite works of art that are a feast for the eyes, highlighting the visual delicacy of food.
“I learned about every aspect, from photo shooting to writing descriptions, video shooting and editing. I hope I can establish a strong online presence so that people can learn more about me through my aesthetic life. This helps me to open up topics and connect with other people more easily.” Susanna certainly shares her passion with great enthusiasm, believing it will bring color to her life and help her live up to her own values.
Susanna always pushes herself hard to continuously achieve and to outperform her prior success. “You don’t need to be the best at everything in your life, but you must try to get better every day,” she said. Susanna has shown her willingness to work hard and keep improving and is enjoying a more splendid life as she realizes her different goals.

Founders Platinum

Priscilla Tai

Current Occupation:
Full-time Distributor

Priscilla, who studied actuarial science at university, is not a rigid person. She has a sense of curiosity and loves to explore new things – and also enjoys learning from others’ experiences. “Being able to accomplish things I haven’t tried before will give me a great sense of success and make me feel more confident about myself. I try not to feel anxious when I need to face up to a new challenge – it has made me more determined to overcome it,” she shared.
Although Priscilla is always eager to try new things, she will not take unnecessary risks and will first make an analysis of the pros and cons. “I was introduced to Amway by my relative when I was studying at university in the UK. I found it worth trying as it is a low-risk business that requires low set-up capital. I returned to Hong Kong after graduation and helped my father manage his business. I quickly realized that he faced so many difficulties in terms of operations and capital running a traditional business, and that strengthened my determination to develop Amway,” she shared.

Priscilla enjoyed different experiences as she developed Amway at different stages in her life. She found that it was not easy to balance family with her career after having children. “Seeing my friends putting so much effort and energy into taking care of their families and career, I felt glad that I had chosen to develop Amway over the years. I was able to spend time with my children as they grew up and earn passive income at the same time. This relieved the worries of my parents and also reduced the financial pressure on my husband.”
Witnessing her hard work and achievements in Amway, Priscilla’s husband felt proud of her. Priscilla, meanwhile, appreciated some of the great side benefits of running the Amway business. “I liked to travel around when I studied abroad. I didn’t think that much when I heard my partners sharing about the extraordinary travel trips organized by Amway until I joined the Mediterranean cruise. Ever since then I have understood the ‘real’ meaning of travel – an incredible experience far beyond your imagination!”

As a mother, Priscilla puts her focus on what lies ahead. “I always strive to equip myself with the right tools and knowledge. Besides doing a lot of reading, I always try my best to actively participate in meetings,” she said, sharing that as well as focusing on her family she also yearns for a flexible and independent life.
The Amway platform has provided Priscilla with the opportunity to enjoy personal enhancement and constant motivation. “Even if I have different roles in life, I can manage them well and act as a role model for my children,” she said. In recent years, Priscilla has been using social platforms to record her life and “I want to integrate my Amway business into my daily life so that people can know more about my lifestyle through the online platform.”
For Priscilla, the possibilities are endless. This determined young woman is eager to demonstrate her willingness to live an independent and splendid life.

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