"If you’re not changing,
you’re not growing."

Amway Corporation Chief Executive Officer Milind Pant

That’s a saying we have all heard, and one that our cofounders Rich and Jay believed in wholeheartedly. So it is that we find ourselves – together – at the end of one era, and at the start of a new journey on our way to digital transformation.

Amagram has been part of Amway for decades, sharing news and articles to inspire you and your teams, not only in Hong Kong, but around the world. Soon, it is taking a new form. Amway Hong Kong will be publishing the magazine digitally inside of a new content hub in Q1 2023.

Amway will continue investing in digital innovations, and I couldn’t be more excited for how this and other initiatives will help Amway be a magnet for the next generation of entrepreneurs, who expect seamless, easy digital experiences from their very first touchpoint.

With change comes a bright future. Amway’s purpose has been ignited through the A70 vision, and the place for you and your teams in this journey is clear. Digital investments are only effective paired with equal investments in people – in you – and in the partnership we have.

Amway will innovate to meet the marketplace demand; but one thing will never change – the personalization and value the Amway Business Owner brings to their customers and communities will never be obsolete. Now more than ever, meaningful connections are integral to our lives.

Your commitment to growth and through changing, and sometimes challenging, times cannot be overstated. I thank all of you reading this for the good you do for others and your role in helping everyone live their best lives.

When Business Owners help other people it can be a driving force for your own success. Your generosity may come back to you in referrals and additional business, but it also comes through the satisfaction of knowing you have changed someone’s life – or their family’s life – for the better.

This digitalization of Amway is a commitment to you – modernizing our tools and programs on the path to A70, making it easier for you to help customers and communities achieve their health and wellness goals with proven solutions to grow your businesses. Let’s welcome change together.