Held at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre on May 25, the Amway Special Rally, “Forge Your Own Path. Shape Your Future”, received an overwhelming response. Mrs. Angela Keung, Vice President of Amway Hong Kong, shared with the audience on the subject “What is Amway?”, looking at the question from four different angles to demonstrate how Amway enables people to enjoy an independent and splendid life.
“Amway is a health and wellness business that possesses competitive advantages and strengths in the industry. Amway is also a high-touch business opportunity at your fingertips, where you can start your own business that shows human kindness either online or through your mobile phone,” Mrs. Keung shared.
“Thirdly, Amway enables you to turn your passion into a lifelong business, at the same time as sharing your interests with your friends and building an online and offline community,” she said, adding that Amway is a borderless & trans-generational business. “As long as you have established a solid foundation in Hong Kong, you are able to develop your Amway business in different countries and territories in the future. Moreover, Amway is a family business that you can not only develop together with your family, but also pass on to your children.”

Forge Your Own Path. Shape Your Future

From left: Founders Executive Diamond Direct Distributors Li Man Bong and Quintina, and Vice President of Amway Hong Kong Mrs. Angela Keung

From left: Founders Platinum Distributor Sonic Lai, Founders Sapphire Direct Distributor Gidi Cheung and Platinum Distributor Elf Leung shared their Amway story, personal interest, and life with audience.

Vice President of Amway Hong Kong
Mrs. Angela Keung

Emcee Pearl Direct Distributor
Emily Chan

Founders Executive Diamond Direct Distributor Li Man Bong shared with audience the Amway’s value he experienced throughout the years in developing the business. He also shared how the business helped him create value for himself and others, enabling more people to live a diversified life in the future.

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