Finding Ways to
Celebrate Success

Amway Corporation Chief Executive Officer Milind Pant

As we near the end of the summer months, I hope many of you have found the time to rest and restore as you continue to navigate the challenges brought on by the pandemic, lockdowns and more. I know many of you have faced hardship and uncertainty in the past months, yet through this adversity you have shown your relentless spirit and have demonstrated your inspiring Founders Growth Mindset every step of the way.

Even through hardships, there is much to celebrate! In 2024 will mark Amway Hong Kong’s 50th anniversary! Distributors and staff showcased their pride for Amway and hope for the future. This is a momentous milestone, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

This pride and hope have undoubtedly led to your success in the past months. Through the continued pandemic and health quarantine, you have shown impressive sales growth, recruitment efforts and strong leadership. This is something to celebrate! I am so proud of the Distributors and Amway employees who partnered to make this happen.

When Rich and Jay founded Amway in 1959, it was a true spirit of resilience and optimism, along with the core mission of helping others live better, healthier lives, that drove them. I see the same qualities in you today. You continue to inspire me and your communities as you model the Founders Growth Mindset and inspire healthier, more active living.

Please know I am here to support you as you continue to meet challenges and overcome them. I wish you continued success, health, and happiness, and look forward to connecting with you soon.