Empowering One Million
Amway Entrepreneurs to
Succeed at Scale

Amway Corporation Chief Executive Officer Milind Pant

In the wake of the global pandemic, around the world millions of ambitious entrepreneurs with a growth mindset are seeking entrepreneurship opportunities and succeeding. But how can we encourage even more people to make the leap into this new era of entrepreneurship? How can we get them to choose Amway?

Multiple trends speak to a rise in opportunities. First, we’ve seen a surge in demand for workplace flexibility, with an appetite for the freedom to work wherever, whenever. This ties with the simultaneous rise of the passion economy, where people are turning their passions into viable businesses using social platforms. By building online communities, creators are now able to monetize their passions and interests more than ever. Finally, intuitive technology across mobile and social platforms has increased access to audiences and enabled the cultivation of communities that mingle personal passions and business interests.

The culmination of these trends has the potential to unleash entrepreneurship at unprecedented scale. But there’s one critical missing piece in the quest to truly open doors to entrepreneurship for everyone: the power of mentorship.

For any new Distributor, having a mentor to get advice from or bounce ideas off is invaluable. Especially in times of uncertainty, as we are all finding new ways to work and connect with teams and customers virtually, mentorship is critical.

For any leader, I believe it’s vital to practice a generosity of time and spirit. Being a mentor is an invaluable way to help new entrepreneurs succeed, build leaders, and even learn a thing or two from a generation with completely different perspectives. Ultimately, it’s the gift that keeps on giving: by sharing your expertise with others, you become a better leader yourself.

In an increasingly online, virtual world, there’s no tool more important than a patient ear and guiding hand. For a Distributor who’s just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey, with a sparkle in their eyes, perhaps the greatest gift a leader with experience can offer are these four words: “How can I help?”

Ultimately, the empowerment of entrepreneurs at scale will be critical to the journey toward a more inclusive society and an important driver of Amway’s growth. Now is the time to uplift the one million Distributors who are achieving success in business while pursuing their passion.