Embrace Health & Wellness,

Create Your

Ideal Business

“The red-carpet moment was really an unforgettable experience. One of the things that attracted me most about Amway is the value and respect the company offers to young people like myself. This enables us to enjoy life on the stage to the fullest! I felt respected and satisfied after previous recognition events and this time the feeling was even stronger as the exclusive red-carpet moment put me in the spotlight. I really appreciated the applause and attention we received from the audience that recognised us for achieving our own small goals!” -- Amara

The Amway Rally – “Embrace Health & Wellness, Create Your Ideal Business” – was the perfect way to get Amway Hong Kong’s 50th Anniversary celebrations underway. Held successfully at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, the event received an overwhelming response from the eager audience. The rally featured a series of fabulous sessions including Nutrilite Weight Management sharing and leaders’ sharing, all of which helped to demonstrate Amway’s power as a health and wellness business. The event also highlighted the cross-border and cross-generational nature of the Amway business, creating a memorable and magical experience for the thousands of people present.

Double Diamond Direct Distributor Tsui Kit

Diamond Direct Distributors Ka Gary & Jase

Diamond Direct Distributor Lewis Lam

Emerald Direct Distributor Emily Liu

“Having heard the real cases that were shared at the rally that night, I now have a much better understanding of how our health can be greatly improved if we learn how to use Amway’s health supplement in an appropriate way. What’s more, we can develop our own business at the same time!” -- Louis

Double Diamond Direct Distributor Boe Chan

Diamond Direct Distributor Francisca Miura

Emerald Direct Distributor Fiona Chan

Founders Platinum Distributor Richard Lau

“The different sharings at the rally gave me a better understanding of development trends and the tremendous potential of the health industry. It is great to witness one’s own positive changes and enhancements on the path to becoming a healthier person!” – Sarah

Diamond Direct Distributor Billy Ku

Diamond Direct Distributor Janus Ho

Founders Platinum Distributor Shalom Lam

Founders Platinum Distributor Sam Ngai

(From left) Silver Producer Chan Ka Yeung, Platinum Distributor Keith Yim

Sapphire Direct Distributor Sumsum Cheng and her father Cheng Kwei Shing