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None of these three determined Amway Distributors can be called a stick-in-the-mud. Each of them has the firm belief that they are able to realize their ideal life by continuously seeking change. Having gone through plenty of ups and downs in life, our trio explored their opportunity step by step and blossomed as a result.

Although the future is unknown, each of these three successful Distributors is determined to work hard towards their desired future, and their experiences have demonstrated the importance of taking control of your own life and destiny. With hope and encouragement, you too can expand your influence and strive for the right balance between family, work and life. Change can bring about a better future.

Founders Emerald
Direct Distributor

Thomas Kwok

Current Occupation: Full-time Distributor

Having worked as a salesperson in the print media advertising industry for more than two decades, Thomas shared that “it is a fun industry! You are able to work with different clients and take part in everything from cover shoots and attending various brand events or parties to enjoy a dazzling life,” he said, adding that the income is a “considerable one”.
Although Thomas was enjoying a fulfilled life, he insisted on developing his Amway business on a part-time basis at the same time. “While my colleagues were busy participating in different work parties and events, I spent my spare time after work developing Amway,” he recalled. Although he was spending less time with his family back then, he believed he had made the right choice as he wanted to provide a better life for the people he valued the most.

At that time, Thomas began overseeing advertising projects in the Chinese mainland. “Seeing the changes in the media ecology over just a few years totally changed my mind towards the future,” Thomas said, sharing that the development of digital marketing in the Chinese mainland market has been much more significant than in the local market. Moreover, he saw the future decline of print media, and a very uncertain outlook for the industry. “I decided to quit my job and develop Amway on a full-time basis after a thorough discussion with my wife.”
In order to pursue his long-term goal, Thomas had examined the different aspects of his advertising job and concluded that it might be difficult to provide his family with a secure future. “That’s the reason why I made this difficult decision – it was a promise to my family. If I didn’t seek change and continued on the same path, who could guarantee our future after five years?”
Realizing the importance of being vigilant, Thomas had changed the direction of his life. He had seen the development potential in the health industry and determined that he would pursue the Amway opportunity.

“I positioned myself as an employee when I started to develop Amway on a full-time basis,” Thomas recalled. “I worked from 10am to night-time every day to ensure I was doing enough work, and in the beginning I kept trying to cooperate with different people who didn’t know much about Amway. I feel blessed that we are partners now and developing the business together,” he beamed.
He added that he spent another year leading his partners to share the value of Amway as he worked to establish his own business step by step. “Special thanks go to my seniors for their encouragement and support during the time when I didn’t believe in myself,” Thomas shared, adding that hard work and training always lie behind a change or breakthrough, or even just a simple improvement.
The Amway platform has enabled Thomas to establish a sustainable business. “Having experienced the failure of developing a traditional business in the past, I deeply appreciate being involved in a stable business that grows continuously and makes a profit. This has made me more eager to boldly pursue my dreams.”
Thomas has realized his dream much quicker than he anticipated and he is now running a cafe with his wife and enjoying a truly independent life. He has demonstrated his courage and determination to follow his choices and shoulder responsibility, and he remains eager to capture the moment and live a better life.

Founders Platinum

Ernie Leung

Current Occupation: Personal Image & Branding Design Consultant

“I grew up in a well-off family. I felt proud when I was a child, but I didn’t talk much and preferred to be alone. I felt happy to live in my own world. I liked drawing and interior design very much, and my dream was to become a designer,” Ernie shared.
However, a significant change in her family changed Ernie’s life, and she had to leave school at an early age to start work. In order to earn a living, Ernie had to give up on her dream. “I faced difficulties every step of the way, but later I had the chance to get involved in a design job. I tried my best and finally won appreciation from my supervisor,” she recalled.
After working hard for several years, Ernie found that her health was deteriorating, so she applied to take leave. “I felt shocked when my boss asked me how soon I could get back to work, even though he knew about my health condition,” Ernie said. At that moment, she decided to establish her own branding and image design company.

Ernie is a hands-on person who plays multiple roles in her business, from client relations to ideas creation and job design. “The business was on track thanks to our hard work and I was happy that we were able to start working with some international brands. Later, I felt doubly blessed when I became pregnant and a new life started developing in my tummy,” she smiled.
As a mother, Ernie wanted to spend more time taking care of her family. “I entrusted the business to my partner but it faced a sharp drop in sales,” she explained. The change of role together with the hardship and difficulties she faced running a traditional business triggered Ernie to start planning for the future as soon as possible. “At the same time I wanted to prepare for the future of the next generation,” she explained.
Ernie started to learn more about the Amway business and was inspired by the positive environment she discovered. “I have always been engaged in developing interpersonal relationships, and the Amway environment has enabled me to better understand the meaning of ‘people-oriented’. Partners in the team complement each other and each of us play to our strengths. You don’t need to be an all-round person because the team is your strongest support,” Ernie smiled, adding that she has seen a different version of herself through Amway. “Be grateful and you can experience the joy of working hard together with your partners.”

“Amway is a business that shares love,” Ernie beamed. Although her husband didn’t support her at the beginning, Ernie always believed in the value of the Amway business. What’s more, her previous experiences had made her a tougher person. “I don’t give up easily. I encourage young people to pursue their dream. You will be able to reach your dream if you are willing to try.” Drawing on her “can do” attitude, Ernie showed her determination and overcame the ups and downs along the way. “Amway has enabled us to explore our potential and cultivate a better character,” she shared.
Now Ernie has gained a greater sense of mission in life, and she finds meaning in her desire to have a positive impact on the lives of others. Looking to the future, she has a plan to set up a business that extends her design work to gardening and arts. She also hopes to give something back to society with a plan to create employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

Founders Platinum

Sarah Chan

Current Occupation: Certified Public Accountant

Sarah is a calm and cool person of gravity and learning. “I was rather an introvert and was not a sociable person. When I was a student, I liked reading so much and the library was the place where I spent most of my time. Besides reading, I enjoyed games that were related to numbers or puzzle solving,” Sarah smiled.
After graduating from business school she worked in the accounting field for more than seven years, gaining her accounting certification. She lived a life that was carefully planned every day, but the busy workload was messing with her sleep schedule, “I went back home when my husband went out for work and at that time I had a feeling that I wanted to change my life as it was planned, and that I wanted to establish my own business.” Seeing the independent life that her family was enjoying, Sarah started to learn more about Amway.

Recalling her profound memory, Sarah said the first thing she needed to learn was how to smile. From being an accountant to developing Amway, Sarah has encountered a lot of different voices and misunderstanding from others. “I was told I was not capable of developing Amway, but I am a person who pursues perfection and I had the urge to prove myself to others, even though it meant learning new things again!”
Life is not always easy, and even the positive and enthusiastic Sarah has had her hard times. “There is a saying that ‘it is harder to give up than to persevere’, and that encouraged me when I felt like packing it in. You need to have the courage to give up the things already established,” she explained. Having put a new life plan in place, Sarah decided not to return to the working world. “As long as I can reach my destination, I don’t mind spending more time on the path to success,” she said, demonstrating her determination to persevere.

Sarah’s seriousness about the Amway business stems from the commitment she has made to herself. “I studied nutrition and wanted to be a professional. I took every opportunity to share my nutrition or health knowledge with determination,” Sarah shared, adding that she always wants to give a perfect speech or sharing in front of others and demonstrate the best aspects of herself while on stage.
Sarah’s meticulousness has helped her to gradually develop her influence and promote the concept of nutrition. She is also a focused person, which has helped her to continue creating breakthroughs during her journey. From being a serious person to becoming someone who is happy to share with others, Sarah says she is now a more confident person thanks to her perseverance.
“I want to encourage more people who think they are not capable of developing Amway at the beginning,” Sarah shared. “There are no boundaries in life – it all depends on your attitude and if you want to make a change.”

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