Adapting to Change to Remain Relevant

Whether in the marketplace or elsewhere in the world, change is all around us. Our goal is to be agile and flexible enough to anticipate and respond to outside influences in ways that help us remain competitive. Today, we’re using technology to enhance your experience and make it easier for you to run your business. And we’re making decisions and building strategies that will set this business up for growth well into the future.

We know all too well how implementing new programs and processes impact you. So when we do these things, know it’s with your best interests at heart. Ultimately, when we invest in new ideas, research and technologies, it’s so we can continue to offer the best opportunity and the best products so this business remains strong and your business can continue to grow and succeed.

Know, too, that while this business may evolve in some ways, there things that will always remain the same. The Amway business was built on strong values and a firm foundation that includes our Founders Fundamentals of Freedom, Family, Hope and Reward. These ideas have guided Amway’s decisions and strategies since the beginning and will continue to for the duration.

Again, our goal is your success. So we’ll evolve so long as it means making your business more competitive and relevant. And we’ll make decisions that don’t steer us from our values or vision of helping people live better lives.

Thank you for your commitment to Amway and for all that you do to help others succeed. We wouldn’t be where we are without you and we can’t wait to see where we can take this business together.

Amway Corporation Co-chair
of the board of directors of Amway
Steve Van Andel (left) and
Doug DeVos (right).