The Power of Phytonutrients

Plant foods are rich in vitamins, minerals and other health-beneficial elements. Scientists call these substances phytonutrients, also known as phytochemicals. In our daily diet, phytonutrients provide a range of health benefits. Eating a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables can be a big help in maintaining good health.

The following pictures will help you know more about phytonutrients in an instant.


In ancient times, humans ate oranges because they contain water – an essential element for keeping people alive. The sweet fruits also contain sugar which helps to provide human energy.


In the age of the sail, many seamen found they had bleeding gums, and that the problem improved after eating oranges when they went ashore. It was found that oranges contain ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C.


Smart businessmen extracted the vitamin C from oranges, or produced vitamin C tablets in a synthetic way which they then sold to sailors.


Scientists found the bleeding problem could be resolved quicker for sailors who ate fresh oranges compared to those who took vitamin C tablets.


It was found that oranges contain “flavonoid”, which helps the absorption of vitamin C and ensures water-soluble vitamins are more effectively used by the body.


In addition to oranges, vegetables, whole-grain foods, beans, nuts and other colored plant foods contain various nutrients that scientists collectively refer to as “phytonutrients”.

The busy lifestyles and irregular eating habits of cosmopolitan people make it more difficult for them to absorb sufficient phytonutrients from their daily diet. Many are now using health supplements to fill the nutrition gap.

Nutrilite™ was a pioneer in developing health supplements containing phytonutrients, and it now grows, harvests and processes plants on its own certified organic farms. Nutrilite™ harvests plants at their optimum nutrient levels, ensuring that the best possible concentration is able to help people achieve optimal health.

Nutrilite™ has
phytonutrient fingerprinted botanicals in its functional target library that guides the team to the best ingredients and ingredient combinations.


of seeds are planted each year, and not just any will do! Nutrilite™ tests the seeds for things such as their organic nature, purity and germination rate.


of new organic farmland is just the beginning. If Nutrilite™ can’t grow it itself, Nutrilite™ finds the best partner farms.
Every botanical has a birth certificate – and each is grown

weed free,

without the use of chemical pesticides.

The time it takes to move plants from the fields to on-site dryers is as little as
helping to ensure the highest nutrient levels.
Skin, seeds, roots, leaves… Nutrilite™ concentrates or dry the parts of the plant that give the highest level of nutrients.
Nutrilite™ conducts
quality checks on its ingredients each year.
Shake, squeeze, twist, X-ray … Nutrilite™ tests the packages more than

times each year.

Nutrilite™’s traceability process begins and ends with you.

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