The Perfect  Match

There is no denying that desserts are more enjoyable when complemented by a caffeine kick. Enjoy a great weekend with good friends, the aroma of coffee and the taste of sticky, sweet desserts.

Mellow and Milk-forward coffee

Sweet and Sour Dessert

Mellow and milk-forward coffee refers to coffee containing milk, syrup, chocolate or cinnamon such as latte, cappuccino and mocha. These rich and creamy coffees work really well with sweet and sour desserts such as blueberry cheesecake or lemon Swiss roll. You can also opt for a refreshing Boston cream pie to enhance the rich taste of coffee.

Bitter Coffee

Intense Dessert

With a big, bold coffee flavor such as espresso, Americano and other bitter coffees, it can be easy to lose the taste of the dessert, so it is recommended to pair such coffees with something just as intense – they work really well together with double cheesecake, black forest cake, chocolate mousse or brownies. The bitter taste of black coffee makes rich desserts taste less intense, while desserts help to balance the strong taste of black coffee.

Iced Coffee

Fruity Dessert

Iced and hot coffee taste completely different, even when you use the same coffee beans. Iced coffee tastes fresher and it works well with fruit tarts, fruit muffins and Strawberry mille-feuille. Pairing fruity desserts with iced coffee helps to highlight the aroma and taste of both the fruits and coffee.

Affogato - a Killer Combination

of Coffee and Ice Cream

Affogato is defined as “drowned” in Italian; an authentic affogato means to place a scoop of ice cream or gelato in a coffee cup, then pour in a shot of espresso. You can also add almond wine or Italian almond cookies to the coffee so the cookies are able to absorb the “essence” of the coffee. This cold and hot, sweet and bitter dessert provides the best possible temptation for your taste buds.

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