What does travel mean to you?

Everyone has their own ideas for a travel bucket list.

Apart from visiting the most sought-after attractions and enjoying delicious food, your travel companion – the one who will be sharing the excitement, laughter and memorable experiences – will play an important role on your trip.

When the world opens its doors again, try to experience what travel means to you and your family and friends.

The following “mysterious” attractions in some familiar cities will offer you an extraordinary and memorable travel experience.

Besides popular Thailand’s tourist attraction such as Bangkok, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and Pattaya, plus shopping, sunshine and the beach, what are the other recommended things to see and do in Thailand?

Petchabun Province – outskirts of Bangkok

The “Little Switzerland” of Thailand

Khao Kho, located in Petchabun Province, is known as the “Little Switzerland’ of Thailand. Phu Tub Berk is the tallest mountain within the province of Petchabun and is famous for its seas of mist, with clouds dancing above and around the mountains. It is well known among tourists who stay in beautiful resorts there and camp all year round. The sunrise is usually stunning and the best time to go is in the cooler months from November to February.

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Pino Latte Resort & Cafe – a beautiful fairyland

Located at the highest point of Khao Kho, Pino Latte Resort & Cafe has become a famous attraction. Immersed in the beautiful nature of Khao Kho, the cafe offers a perfect getaway from the crowds. Take a sip of coffee and enjoy the cool, fresh air – a welcome respite from the bustle of Bangkok.

Good Morning, Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji has long been a sacred site for Japanese people, and it is also one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. You can now take in the beauty of Mount Fuji in a new and cosy way – by going glamping! This is a form of camping where the accommodation and facilities are more luxurious than those associated with staying in a traditional kind of tent. Many new glamping sites have opened in Japan and some even provide outdoor onsen where you can enjoy a relaxing bath and wash away your worries.

A trip to Japan is like home from home for many Hong Kong people. However, the busy 8am to 12am itinerary on many trips can be even more tiring than going to work! Next time when you are “going home”, try to reserve some time to chill out and enjoy the beautiful scenery around Tokyo and Osaka.

A bright red carnival

When autumn arrives, Hitachi Seaside Park is particularly popular for the beautiful kochia – summer cypress plant – that cover the entire area. The cute pom pom kochia changes its color with the season. In summer they will be fresh, vibrant green, but visit in October if you want to see the leaves burning vivid red. The best time to see the kochia is in mid-October when a “Kochia carnival” is held in the park – you will be amazed by the sight of 32,000 of these lovely colorful plants!

A sky-blue flower garden

Hitachi Seaside Park features various beautiful seasonal flowers and large green spaces. At no other time of the year is this park more beautiful than when the blue nemophila flowers on Miharashi Hill come into bloom! The best time to see this phenomenon is starting from April when millions of small blue bell-shaped flowers can be seen spreading over Miharashi Hill. In 2020, the number of nemophila flowers on display increased from 4.5 million to 5.3 million. Grab a chance to see these beautiful blooms in person next time.

Know more about Namba Yasaka Shrine

Namba Yasaka is famous for its lion-shaped stage. A 12-meter-tall, 11-meter-wide lion’s head-shaped building is the main draw here. The huge lion’s mouth is believed to swallow evil spirits and bring good luck, especially for those looking to do well at school or in business matters.

The eyes of the lion are lights, while the nose is the trumpet. There will be dance performances in the mouth of the lion in the January “Tug-of-War” festival and the summer festival in July.

Bring good luck home

Located a short walk from the popular shopping complex in Namba, Namba Yasaka Shrine is a nice escape from the consumer chaos of this district. Its enormous lion’s head-shaped building and cherry blossom trees dotted around the grounds make it one of Osaka’s most popular and distinctive places of worship.

The eyes of the lion are lights, while the nose is the trumpet. There will be dance performances in the mouth of the lion in the January “Tug-of-War” festival and the summer festival in July.

Nakazakichō Station - Osaka’s trendiest area

The area around Nakazakichō station in Osaka is dotted with unique shops and cafes, yet an old-fashioned atmosphere still lingers. The area has become a hotspot for creative types who have banded together to form their own subculture, and there are plenty of places you can stop to enjoy the atmosphere. Visit with friends next time you’re in Osaka and soak up the coffee aroma!

Minoh Waterfall

The trail from Umeda Station to Minoh Waterfall takes about 30 minutes to walk. Located in the Meiji-no-mori Mino Quasi-national Park, Minoh Waterfall has been selected as one of “Japan’s 100 best waterfalls”. It is only five meters wide, but the water that splashes down from the 33-metre drop looks a sea of white strings tumbling down – a beautiful sight. You can enjoy the beauty of Japan’s different seasons here and this is also a great place to enjoy the fabulous red leaves in autumn.

The culture of Jeju’s haenyeo

In Jeju Island, there is a community of women who dive under the sea to gather shellfish for a living. Diving without the help of oxygen, they can hold their breath for two minutes or more. In 2016, Korea’s Culture of the Jeju Haenyeo (Women Divers) was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and these hardy, determined women remain a valuable aspect of Jeju life.

The haenyeo culture has a history that goes back more than 2,000 years. In this patriarchal society, women are seen as the breadwinner of the family and they dive under the sea to catch abalone, conch, octopus, kelp and other types of seafood, selling their catch to earn a living. Haenyeo have a designated area where they can dive depending on which village they come from.

Many of us think only about shopping when going to Korea, so is there more to do than just touring shops when visiting the country? Jeju, an island in the southern part of Korea, will give you a different perspective and a different kind of holiday.

Jeju – an island gem

Jeju is the largest island in South Korea and is located in Jeju Province. Jeju Island is the creation of volcanic activity and at its heart is Hallasan – one of the three most sacred mountains in the country. The scenery in Jeju changes across the seasons, with rape and cherry blossoms in spring, maple leaves in autumn, and a carpet of crisp white snow in winter making it suitable for traveling at all times of year.

In recent years the number of haenyeo on Jeju Island has dwindled, with fewer than 4,000 women now earning a living this way. The average age of the women is now as high as 60 because the younger generation are not willing to earn a living this way. Next time you visit Jeju, it is recommended to join a special trip where you can experience the culture of these remarkable women.

Meet Dol Hareubang – the symbol of Jeju

During your time on Jeju you will come across a basalt stone statue that has a pair of bulging eyes, a bulbous nose and a slight smirk below a mushroom-shaped hat – this is Dol Hareubang, the symbol of Jeju Island. The stone grandfather is a guardian protecting the island from evil spirits and his presence is everywhere!

New Zealand – the land of sky

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main landmasses – the North Island and the South Island. A trip to the country offers different and special experiences at different times of the year: you can take a helicopter ride or a hot air balloon for a bird’s eye view or experience the thrill of high-speed skiing. A volcanic tour is a good bet for those who like adventure!

The best stargazing spot

Tekapo is the world-famous “stargazing town”. Picturesque by day and dazzling by night, Lake Tekapo has been designated a UNESCO Dark Sky Reserve, making it the perfect spot for stargazing. There are stringent requirements in these reserves in order to reduce light pollution. The area around Lake Tekapo restricts the amount of artificial lighting to retain the quality of the skies. On a clear night, you can gaze at the starry sky and see the Milky Way, meteors and more. At Lake Tekapo you may also experience the rare “Southern Aurora”.

If you like to experience nature and breath-taking scenery, then we recommend you add New Zealand to your travel wish list. Start a journey from Wellington in the south to Auckland in the north, during which you will enjoy some stunning vistas. In fact, you may wonder if there’s anywhere more beautiful in the world.

Home to volcanic mountains

Tongariro National Park is the oldest park in New Zealand. Located in the centre of the North Island, the park is made up of three mountains – Ruapehu, Tongariro, Ngauruhoe – and the surrounding land. It was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the early 1990s, confirming the great natural and cultural significance of this area. Volcanic processes have been forming the mountains of Tongariro for more than two million years. Mt Ngauruhoe found even greater fame after being used as a filming location for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Cave fireflies

The main attractions of New Zealand are not only on the surface, and the proof of this is in the famous Waitomo district. This is famous for the impressive limestone caves that are attractive in themselves, but even more special for the millions of fireflies that have chosen these underground labyrinths as their home. Tour groups are carried on boats to see the vast numbers of tiny insects emit phosphorescent light, creating a surreal and inspiring light installation.
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