The Edible Phytonutrients

Hong Kong People has the highest frequency of dining out in the world1. It can lead to excessive calories and fat intake. Moreover, surveys have found that more than 90% of Hong Kong people have inadequate daily consumption of fruit and vegetables2. The average daily intake is less than half of the World Health Organization’s recommendation which is suggested to consume five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Long-term nutritional deficiencies can easily induce health crisis. To achieve a healthy life, adequate nutrition is the key.

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2“Health Survey Report 2014-2015” The Center for Health Protection, The Department of Health

Nutrilite™ Double X

Double X provides 12 kinds of vitamins, 10 kinds of minerals and 21 kinds of phytonutrients, which can help make up for the nutritional deficiencies of the diet and provide comprehensive protection. It also includes five-color phytonutrients to promote heart, bone, brain, vision and cell health.

Purple spectrum is the most inadequate phytonutrient in our daily diet. Upgraded formula contains more purple spectrum phytonutrients for maintaining the overall balance of nutrient intake which is more suitable for the needs of urban citizens. Besides, with the leading technology, PhytoProtect™ has been developed. Rosemary, turmeric and onion have natural cell protection functions and help activate powerful synergistic effects. In addition, the new RWD (Refractive Window Drying) extraction technology is used to extract and preserve high concentration of nutrient essences.

Nutrilite™ Vitamin C Extended Release

Vitamin C Extended Release uses a unique technology that can release vitamin C for up to eight hours. It helps to prolong absorption time, improve absorption efficiency and reduce waste. Each tablet provides 500mg of vitamin C, approximately equals to eight fresh oranges. It meets the needs of the whole day and will not irritate the stomach. It is made of acerola cherry cultivated from Nutrilite™-owned organic farm in Brazil. In addition to being rich in vitamin C, it also provides orange bioflavonoids, which can help absorb vitamin C. The phytonutrients contained inside are higher in content than other general vitamin C nutrition tablets.

Vitamin C involved in numerous metabolic reactions in the body and plays a very important role in maintaining the health of the body’s natural defences.

Nutrilite™ Triple Guard Echinacea

Triple Guard Echinacea contains extracts from three different parts of echinacea, including the stem, leaf, flower and roots from two species of Echinacea. It helps strengthening the immune system and accelerating body recovery. Formulated with citrus multiflavonoid concentrates from mandarin orange, grapefruit and lemon that enhances immunity efficacy.

Echinacea is an herbaceous plant from North America, it is a type of purple cornflower that can be used to treat injuries and infections. As early as the 1920s, echinacea has been adopted by the medical community and has become the best-selling medicinal herb in the United States. Today, a number of scientific clinical research confirm that echinacea effectively regulates the immune system, enhances the body’s immunity and has an immediate effect on stimulating the immune system28,29.

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The summer season is probably the most dreaded climate cycle of the year. High humidity coupled with high temperature encourages the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. Also, the extensive use of air conditioning often can make skin dull and dry over the summer season. Facial treatment mask is your best choice to help soothe summer’s delicate skin.

ARTISTRY Signature Select™ Masks

ARTISTRY Signature Select™ Masks target the top five most common skin concerns: dryness, large pores, an uneven texture, loss of elasticity and uneven skin tone. Each mask is powered by an infusion of skin-loving Nutrilite™-sourced botanicals and perfected by ARTISTRY skin expertise. In just seven minutes, you can enjoy healthier, more beautiful-looking skin.

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