Do you miss those days when we could fly to Japan to enjoy the cherry blossom season or marvel at the maple leaves in autumn? The good news is that the trend for viewing flowers locally is on the rise, and you may be surprised at how easy it is to find a sea of gorgeous flowers near your home.

Spring and Summer

Red cotton tree

Widely known in Cantonese as the “hero tree”, Hong Kong’s red cotton tree is known for its straight and tall trunk that stands proud, like a hero, all year round. March to April is the tree’s most beautiful time with the rich red flowers coming into blossom. When the tree fruits in May, the white fibres inside the pods break free and scatter in the wind, creating a romantic snow-like covering. The most famous place to see the cotton trees blossom is along the Shek Kong Barracks in Yuen Long.

Yellow pui tree

The semi-deciduous yellow pui tree is very common in Hong Kong. With its large and spectacular yellow flowers, the tree is often planted in parks or housing estates. When the trees are in full bloom, adorned with a mass of bright yellow petals, they present a magnificent site in the urban environment.

Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer

Cherry blossoms

The bell-flower cherry is one of the commonly found cherry blossoms in Hong Kong. With their umbel inflorescence, the bell-flower cherry has the same vivid pink color as sakura in Japan. The flowering period is from mid-February to the end of February.


The jacaranda is a deciduous tree native to South America that can grow as high as 15 metres. The flowering period is generally from April to June, with the tubular and purplish-blue flowers blooming in dense clusters.

Summer and Autumn

Summer and Autumn

Paper-bark tree

The flowering period for the paper-bark tree is generally from September to November. The tree’s name comes from the distinctive appearance of the trunk, where the whitish papery bark peels off in thin layers. The evergreen tree has white or yellow flowers with a brush-like shape. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the white flowers of the paper-bark trees reflected in Shing Mun Reservoir after heavy rain.

Floss silk tree

The floss silk tree has a long flowering period, generally lasting between October and February. The flowers are creamy-whitish or yellow with dark strips in the center and a pink hue towards the tips of their five petals. The leaves will be lost as the trees come into bloom, making the floss silk tree even more attractive.

Autumn and Winter

Autumn and Winter

Red leaves

The best time for viewing red leaves is between mid-December and early January. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department will announce the Sweet Gum Leaves Index every year, advising you of the best time to catch the beautiful sea of red leaves.

Reference: Website of Leisure and Cultural Services Department,, HK01 and Mingpao

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