It’s not just your skin that needs regular treatments – your delicate eyes also need pampering. Staring at a digital screen for a long time will lead to eye fatigue. It is important to supplement nutrients to help maintain your eyes’ health.

Research has found that different nutrients have unique functions on specific part of the eyes, helping to maintain vision health.

Retina – Beta Carotene

Beta carotene accumulates in a visual pigment in the back of the eye called rhodopsin, which is important for night vision and visual adaptation to sudden changes in light

Consume more
Sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot

Lens – Lycopene

Lycopene helps provide antioxidant support to the light sensitive photoreceptors of the retina

Consume more
Tomato, grapefruit, watermelon

Lutein / Zeaxanthin

Together these make up 80% to 90% of carotenoids in the eye, helping to filter blue light and UV light

Consume more
Broccoli, spinach, corn, egg yolk

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