All Nutrilite™ farms— near 2,400 hectares in California, Washington State, Mexico and Brazil—replenish the soil and avoid synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers.

Small but mighty at 162 hectares, our certified organic Nutrilite™ Trout Lake West Farm is nestled in an organic valley in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, USA. At Trout Lake West, it is in great company and is surrounded by seven square miles of other certified organic farms. That means it has the cleanest air and the richest soil. Contamination doesn’t have much of a chance. We only non-genetically engineered seeds. We pull weeds by hand. We yank them with our GPS controlled tractors. And we destroy them with flame treatments just before our plants sprout. We don’t mess around.

Trout Lake West Farm, Washington State, USA
The healthy and organic botanical paradise

Primary crops: Echinacea, blueberry

Trout Lake East Farm, Washington State, USA
Where nature meets technology

The Nutrilite™ Trout Lake East certified organic farm sits on 350 hectares in central Washington State, USA. Despite its northern location this semi-arid region has a long, hot growing season, and pre-historic flooding left behind soil that is rich in nutrients. At Trout Lake East, ensuring purity of our Nutrilite™ ingredients starts with the crystal-clear water we use for irrigation. It comes from the pristine Columbia River Basin. Our soil is pure, too. It’s been certified organic for the last 20 years with records to prove it. And above ground we keep things pure by using good bugs that eat bad bugs and falcons that soar through the sky to scare away harmful birds.

Primary crops: dandelion, peppermint

El Petacal Farm, Jalisco, Mexico
Surrounded by seven volcanoes

Rancho El Petacal is a 643-hectare certified organic farm in southwestern Mexico. It has the ideal growing climate with plenty of sunshine and rainfall–perfect for growing nutrient-rich plants for our Nutrilite™ products, and for growing test plots for research. At our Mexico farm, we use only natural fertilisers on our crops, helping to ensure their purity. We also test our soil every day, so we know the exact amount of irrigation to use for the healthiest plants. To avoid stirring up dust that can contaminate the ingredients, soil testers hop on bicycles to travel the fields instead of larger farm vehicles.

Primary crops: rosemary, alfalfa, spinach, parsley, grapefruit, orange

The Brazil farm is located in Ubajara on 1,269 hectares. It’s so big that all three of our other farms could fit inside of it. Our signature natural vitamin C used in several Nutrilite™ supplements comes from the tens of thousands of acerola cherry trees at our Fazenda Amway Nutrilite™ do Brasil – one of the largest acerola farms in the world. In the ideal climate of this certified organic farm near the equator, we also grow other botanicals rich in the plant nutrients that deliver powerful health benefits in Nutrilite™ supplements. We grow more than 138,000 acerola cherry trees there, producing about 2,000 metric tons of cherries each year.

Fazenda Amway Nutrilite do Brasil, Ubajara, Brazil
The ideal place for plants

Primary crops: acerola cherry, watercress, Spanish needles

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