Less is More

Many of us have been spending more time at home during the pandemic, making it a good time to freshen up our domestic space and stock up on the cleaning products we need to keep things sparkling and fresh. It’s also a good time to stock of the way we live, opting for a simpler living style and clearing some of the clutter from our homes.

What is danshari?

Danshari is a concept that originated in Japan and was promoted by Yamashita Hideko, who was inspired when she learnt yoga while studying at university.
Dan refers to refusing unnecessary things; sha refers to disposing of your clutter; and ri means detaching yourself from your material possessions by either refusing or disposing.

Finding joy in


It is suggested that to experience a simpler life, you should start by looking at home storage. According to the book L’art de la simplicit, written by Dominique Loreau, the majority of people carry too much baggage during their life journey.
We hoard a range of items in our daily lives, including letters, CD collections, books and other unnecessary or infrequently used items that clutter up our homes. Whenever we plan to have a clear out, it takes us time to go through all these items; often we will reassess their value and may be reluctant to throw them away. Through danshari, we can get a better understanding of ourselves and feel more at ease disposing of the items we’ve hoarded away. Danshari helps us to find joy in simplicity.

The most important part of danshari is to consider your own feelings and become the master of your own life.

4 Steps

to Danshari

The following four simple steps make it easier to get started on your danshari journey.

Do I really need it?

When tidying up your home, and especially the closet, you can ask yourself “will I wear this again”. You can decide which clothes to keep after you have decided the answer.

Think twice

When you are considering buying a new item, think carefully about whether you already have the same item, or whether you can wait for a while before you need to buy a new one.

Make good use of storage space

Make the best use of the storage space in your home and separate items into different categories. Items can be stored according to usage frequency or based on how urgently you need them. Leaving every item in an “exclusive place” helps you sort and store things more easily.

Say goodbye in a positive way

When you purchase an item, it means you affirm its value at that particular moment; however, its value will decrease significantly when you decide you no longer want to keep it. When tidying up our possessions, it’s easy to give ourselves a reason to hang on to certain items, even though we probably won’t use them anymore. Say goodbye to unwanted items in a positive way –starting today!

Create a Cozy Home –

Make the Best Use of Space

Install hooks to increase storage space

Installing hooks directly on the wall of a bathroom or kitchen enables you to store things in a tidier way.

Classify your storage boxes

Classifying items into different categories and putting them in designated storage boxes makes it easier to find the things you need.

Separate your wardrobe items

Store your upper and lower body clothes separately in the wardrobe if possible. Fold clothes neatly and store them on shelves or hang clothes up to give you easier access to certain items. Smaller items of clothing such as socks and hats can be put away in storage boxes.