Harness the power of flowers to quickly elevate dishes to a new level, in terms of both appearance and taste. Enjoy the natural and authentic moments with a new twist to your food.

What are edible flowers?

Edible flowers are flowers that can be consumed safely by humans. They can be eaten as accompaniments to the main part of meal or used in the same way as herbs, helping to add flavor to different dishes. With their powerful and unique flavors, textures and colors, edible flowers have been gaining in popularity as a creative and innovative ingredient in the Western culinary world – and now many Hong Kong restaurants are offering dishes that contain edible flowers sourced locally.

Which flowers can be eaten as food?

There are many different types of edible flowers. Among the most popular are wild pansy, borage, calendula and cornflower.

Wild pansy

Wild pansy is a common wildflower species in Europe and is often found in parks. The flowers range from purple to yellow or white in color. Wild pansy can be used to make salads, eaten as a side dish, or to add a colorful garnish to desserts. In addition, this flower has known health benefits including the ability to kill bacteria and improve skin problems.


The blue and purple borage is used as either a fresh vegetable or a dried herb. As a fresh vegetable, borage offers a cucumber-like taste and is often used in salads or as a garnish. The flower is also said to have a sweet, honey-like taste so is often used to decorate desserts or cocktails.


Calendula has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and has been regarded as a plant with medicinal value since ancient times. This beautiful-looking flower is also rich in vitamin C and can be used to brew tea, make salads or to enhance flavor in different dishes.


Stunning detail, colors and patterns are found in beautiful blue cornflowers. Used fresh or dry, their petals make fantastic food confetti and can be mixed into salads or used for bursts of colour in your dishes. Cornflower honey is made from the nectar of cornflowers, with bees attracted by the flower’s fresh fragrance. Cornflower honey is highly nutritious and can help boost human immunity.

Are all fresh flowers edible?

No, not all fresh flowers are safe to eat. Most of the flowers sold in flower shops or markets have been sprayed with pesticides and are not edible. Only flowers grown on organic farms that are specifically intended for consumption are safe to eat.

How can I use edible flowers at home?

In addition to using for decoration, edible flowers can also be added to tea bags or cocktails, or used for making floral syrups and jams. If you’re looking for cooking inspiration, there’s a huge range recipes online that you can take reference from!

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