packing tips

Whatever your pre-pandemic level of packing prowess – whether an overpacker or underpacker – the world has changed for all travellers. As we start travelling again, we will be planning and packing for our trips in ways we may not have considered previously. You certainly can’t forget your new travel partners – personal protective equipment and health supplements – that will keep you safe and boost your immunity.

Items that boost your immunity

Double X – provides all-round protection

  • Provides 12 kinds of vitamins, 10 kinds of minerals and 21 kinds of phytonutrients
  • Features a patented PhytoProtect™ blend, a unique combination of rosemary, turmeric and onion, that helps to support the body’s defence against free radicals
  • Upgraded formula with enhanced purple phytonutrient blend to fill your dietary gap

Complete Immunity – boosts kids’ immunity

  • Vitamin C extracted from acerola cherries grown on Nutrilite™ organic farms
  • Contains 1 billion CFU, rich in vitamins C and D and zinc
  • Orange flavor, dissolves quickly

Vitamin C Extended Release – resists disease attacks

  • One tablet is packed with 500mg vitamin C, which is equivalent to that found in 8 fresh oranges. Provides 8-hour extended release for efficient absorption
  • Contains acerola cherry – the richest natural source of vitamin C
  • One tablet a day helps boost the immune system to resist the attack of diseases

Garlic and Peppermint – boosts your immunity

  • Contains concentrated garlic powder to provide clinically significant levels of alliin and allicin
  • Concentrated garlic derivative that is dehydrated without additives or excessive heat in a patented process to ensure that its natural qualities are retained

Many people think that, if travel is allowed, personal hygiene and health will be more important than fashion items. According to a survey, the must-have items for the suitcase are as follows.

Global survey report by in 2020

Surgical Masks

Disinfectant Wet Wipes

Hand Sanitizer

Travel Insurance and Documents

Laptops, iPad, Books and Magazines